Food Jihad & The Halal Racket

You heard of chocolate sprinkled with feces, (Al Qaeda recommends it) and you may have heard of Sahnoun Daifulla’s way of spreading Islam with feces & urine.  You may have heard of Charlene Downes, 14, who disappeared in a Kebab shop and whose body was “chopped up” and put into kebabs.  Germany has had a row of “Gammelfleisch” incidents, where meat handled by Arabs or Turks, not fit for human consumption, was still distributed and sold among many of the Kebab places that have sprung up faster than mosques in EUrabia.

But this is just a sideshow.

The real beef is the Halal Racket.

The Islam Monitor takes a closer look:

2 thoughts on “Food Jihad & The Halal Racket”

  1. Cameron Hall will do anything for a dollar

    Of course he is all set to defend Halal slaughter and live export to Muslim animal torture houses.

    After all it is all about money, isn’t it?

    Australia’s live export industry has suspended cattle shipments to three Indonesian slaughterhouses in what is seen as a bid to pre-empt a program on ABC TV.

    Cameron Hall, the chief executive of LiveCorp, the live export industry’s research and marketing organisation, says the footage shows “unacceptable and unnecessary” practices.

    “Cruelty is not an everyday occurrence in the Indonesian marketplace,” he said. (source)

    Mr Hall, just for the record – cruelty is an integral part of Halal slaughter as Allah loves blood and some torture inflicted on animals before the slaughter pleases him to no end.

    Allah loves animal blood

    Allah loves animal slaughter. He has a great thirst for animal blood. Allah even suggests torturing an animal before a Muslim slaughters it Islamically. Here are a few ahadith to gauge Allah’s love to inflict cruelty to domestic animals.

    Blood of animals is very dear to Allah…(Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3126)
    Yearly slaughtering of an animal is compulsory… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3125)
    Garland a goat before slaughtering it… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3096)
    Torture a camel before slaughtering it… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3097)
    Ride on the animal before slaughtering it… (Sunaan ibn Majah, 4.3103, 3104)
    Garland the sacrificial camel or the cow with two sandals about its neck and brand it by causing blood to flow from its side…(Malik’s Muwatta, 20.57.191) (source)

    Just a few observations here:

    How often does the word HALAL appear in the article?

    The magic word Islam is also not mentioned to ensure that our Muslim neighbour (Indonesia) doesn’t get offended (as we know Muslims are very sensitive souls).

    It also becomes apparent why criticism of Islam is being suppressed by the rich and powerful who make money (a lot of it) by dealing and wheeling with various Muslims states.

    In fact these businesses are in most cases indirectly subsidized by the taxpayer dollar.

    For example the figure quoted in the article is probably less than the total aide given to Indonesia under all various and false pretences.

    Who benefits?

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