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  1. Full marks to the Sheik and those concerned for giving this issue some exposure God only knows the MSM , for one reason or another have ignored the whole sale slaughter of Christians and their Churches in Egypt for many many years.

  2. Some Coptic Christians in Australia are being threatened too. No politician wants to know about it. These people live in fear for their families in Egypt, plus are threatened here in Australia. They dare not go to authorities because the authorities are now riddled with muslims who will take revenge on them for going to the police.

    I know of one Coptic Lawyer living in Australia who was accused of being gay, the word was spread around, and no one would go to his office. It was all a set up of course, but this is the slimy way that Islam operates. They all speak Arabic, and in this world the word spreads very quickly.

    And still our country lives in denial. We will all pay a high price for ignorance and a government who allows them to have free reign. And the rights of other legal migrants to Australia are sacrificed. The Copts come to Australia in the legal manner, not in boats. Then they face persecution here. How about a better fairer go for other migrants to Australia. Its got to a stage where we begin to think our only migrants are boat people. Drown the lot of them.

  3. “Enough is enough”: Australian Copts protest persecution and abductions in Egypt

    Echoing this report, which shows how spurious allegations of Christian abductions of Muslims (and alleged converts to Islam) in Egypt and the ensuing rampages against churches have provided a handy distraction from an increase in disappearances of Coptic girls. “Copts speak out about Egypt violence,” from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 21 (thanks to Dumbledoresarmy):

    A rally in Sydney has been told Coptic Christian women in Egypt are being abducted, raped and forced to convert to Islam.
    Hundreds of Copts shouting “enough is enough” gathered in Martin Place to highlight what they say is a history of worsening violence against them in Egypt by hardline extremists.
    Sam Girgis, from the People’s Voice Association, says the violence has escalated since Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak stepped down in January.
    He says more and more Christian women in Egypt are being abducted and forced to covert to Islam through blackmail.
    “The girls are raped … and filmed or photographed, and then this is used as a blackmail tool against them,” he said.
    The rally has called on the Federal Government to consider accepting Coptic Christians from Egypt as refugees.

    Egypt: Reports of “surge in disappearances of Coptic girls”

    Again, what better subterfuge is there than to accuse your enemy of what you yourself have engaged in for years? And the fabricated stories of Muslim women (or alleged converts to Islam) being abducted by Christians in Egypt have indeed provided a handy cover for a new string of disappearances.

    Abductions of Christian girls are nothing new, as Coptic Pope Shenouda III observed even in 1976 that “there is a practice to convert Coptic girls to embrace Islam and marry them under terror to Muslim husbands.” And our own archives are full of over seven years of such reports. Meanwhile, the world looks the other way, or now pleads, “but, but… Tahrir Square!”

    Wishful thinking in Western think tanks and governments won’t un-abduct these girls and women. As Islamic groups — “Salafis” and others — are emboldened by the lack of challenges they have encountered in the wake of the revolution, there will only be more stories like this. “No Going Back for Egypt’s Converted Copts,” by Angela Shanahan for The Australian, May 20:

    Amid the upheavals in Egypt since January, reports have begun to emerge of a surge in disappearances of Coptic girls.
    One priest in Cairo estimates that at least 21 young girls, many as young as 14, have disappeared from his parish alone.
    In most cases, when a Christian girl who disappears is found by her family, she has been converted to Islam and married. The Coptic authorities, have even set up a series of refuges in monasteries to handle the growing numbers of girls who wish to return to their families, many of whom are not accepted by their family of origin.
    But a worse problem for these women is that their conversion to Islam is irreversible.
    It is worth noting that this is a refreshingly frank report.

    Religion is stated on Egyptian ID documents and even though secular law provides for reversions, under the growth of sharia they are very difficult, except for those affording legal advocacy.
    This situation is not unique to Egypt. There have been consistent reports of girls being coerced into Islamic conversion and marriage in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
    That many of these girls are initially runaways is not in doubt. However, there is also evidence that a huge number are converted and married against their will.
    The situation was documented in a controversial report published in 2009 on conversion and forced marriage of Coptic women by Washington DC-based Christian Solidarity International. The authors are Washington academic Michele Clark and Egyptian Coptic broadcast journalist Nadia Ghaly, based in Melbourne.
    Between 2005 and 2008 they interviewed and documented 50 Egyptian women, mostly aged between 14 and 25, who had decided to return to their families. All claim to have been tricked, coerced or raped, converted to Islam and married. Most of the interviewees were trying to reconvert to their Christian identity, with limited or no success. The report’s conclusions were printed in several major publications, including Forbes magazine.
    Since the so-called Arab Spring, and the ensuing riots at Christian churches, the authors are trying to bring the subject of forced conversion and marriage to greater prominence.
    Riots by Muslims. Christians aren’t being sent out into the street enraged by Sunday’s homily.

    Both groups live extremely closed, highly traditional separate lives and the norms surrounding marriage and sex are almost medieval, says Ghaly.
    So, for example, it is not unheard of for a young Christian girl from a poor family to run away from an arranged marriage. Yet a high proportion of these women claim coercion, even rape, despite the shame that such a claim will cause if the girl wishes to return.
    Many claim they were kept as virtual slaves. Others who were able to leave could not bring their children. Ghaly claims this is more than overt religious oppression, and amounts to “a form of cultural genocide”.
    She cites a document published by Human Rights Watch in November 2007, which says that even if Coptic women can obtain a divorce from their Muslim husband, those who wish to return to Christianity “meet with refusal and harassment from the Civil Status Department of the Ministry of Interior”.
    Under sharia law, reconversion is considered apostasy punishable by death.
    Cultural baggage? The innovation of modern “extremists?” No. That comes from Muhammad’s own orders.

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