Cultural Enrichment on Steroids

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The Numbers Game

The culture-enrichers keep pouring into Lampedusa. Depending on which news story you read, 500, 800, 831, or 1,400 new arrivals landed on the island overnight.

First, two boats with 500 people:

500 Refugees From Libya Make Landfall in Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — Two boats that sailed from Libya with 500 refugees made landfall on the island of Lampedusa this evening. Read more; The Numbers Game

Australia: Increasingly Desperate:

A great swap for Malaysia – 800 of ours for 4000 of theirs:

Ms Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said that they were close to signing a bilateral agreement which would see 800 people who tried to get to Australia by boat taken immediately to Malaysia instead.

In return, Australia will take 4000 genuine refugees from Malaysia over four years.

Malaysia is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention… This challenging protection environment makes it difficult for UNHCR to fulfil its mandate in the country, which has some 3 million migrants, 1.5 million of whom are considered undocumented migrants…

Afghans are found by a new Immigration Department study to have the lowest rate of employment and the highest rate of receipt of Centrelink benefits – 94 per cent – of all refugee groups over the first five years here.  800 of ours for 4000 of theirs

Boatloads of welfare recipients

NOW even the Gillard Government knows the truth about its bungled refugee program.

The people it’s bringing in are costing us billions, with 85 per cent of refugees on Centrelink benefits in their first five years here.

Worse, it’s the “refugees” who push in—the boat people we don’t pick, and who exploit the Government’s weak laws—who cost us most.  Boatloads of welfare recipients

Meanwhile, back in Londonistan:

Meet Britain’s new residents: angry bin Laden supporters

I am not sure at all that these pictures of a protest against the killing of Osama bin Laden are reassuring. After all, they are taken in London.  (angry bin Laden supporters, 136 comments

7 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment on Steroids”

  1. I bet Julias never done a business deal with a Bumi Malay before. But I suspect a 1 for 5 deal with KL will get 5 times more of the same current problem.

    So how about a 1 to 5 deal with Syria and maybe Jordan, these are the only bolt holes left for millions of Iraqi and other non moslems in a rapidly detonating Islamic Middle East.

    1- Halt all present and future processing of refugees, asylum seekers, illegals in Australia, only accept UN processed non-moslem people.

    2- Empty all centers and transport all current detainees to Syria

    3- Deport any subsequent arrivals immediately to Syria unless they have documents to prove they are native born of adjacent neighboring countries, IE, Indonesia, New Guinea , Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

    4- Reconfigure all non- remote centers to cater for normal immigrants as open transit hostels and introduction assistance centers.

    Surely that, stops the dangerous boat rides, puts the smugglers out of business, makes the Indons happy, stops the current islamisation problem, makes the refugee advocates shut up, and puts the refugee lawyers and parasites out of business, and saves a fortune.

    The only dissenters can be traitors who want to islamize this country.

    How about it for this month 7000 gone, and 35000 worthy ones in!

  2. It will be worse Sri. The malays will send the islamists to Oz in this deal – Gillard the cow has handed the fox a free pass, and she should loose her job for this. I fully support your suggestions.

  3. This is only just the beginning of the whole refugee, invader-migrant issue , a proactive organized government doing the wishes of the majority (democracy remember) is going to required very soon.

    Its only a matter of time till up to 10 million ethnic Egyptian Christian Copts will need a place to go. Then if the Alawites loose Syria to the Sunni moslems who make up maybe 75% of the population, you can add maybe another 5 million looking to move. And these folks will be motivated by survival!

    If countries like Australia are not going to assist those people, then the UN will allow another Dafur or Rawanda in the not to distant future.

  4. Cover-up of violent incidents at Inverbrackie? (Opponents of detention centres are racists / rednecks / islamophobes)

    Inverbrackie a ‘powder keg’, say police, amid claims violent incidents are being covered up

    [Police sources have described the centre, which has 323 detainees including 96 children, as a “powder keg”, predicting a major incident would occur.

    “It is being discussed among police and there are fears it could blow at any time,” an officer said.]

  5. That deal with Malaysia will result in only Muslims refugees being sent to Australia whilst refugees of other religions will continue to languish in detention centres.
    Malaysia in conjunction with the OIC is behind this plan to flood Western nations with Muslim refugees and in short order to take over this countries through demographics since muslimahs breed like sows. Don’t forget many Muslims have four wives illegally in secular law but legally in Islamic law.

  6. The apathetic nature of most Australians will allow the Muslemisation of our country to proceed without hindrance. Of course all those from Malasia will be Muslims, that is the Islamic aim worldwide. We should be importing refugee Christians to balance the books.

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