Forcing their way in…. forcing themselves on us…

Andrew Bolt

It’s chaotic – and an invitation to keep appealling:

If a boat person just asks often enough, they’re in

New Arrivals. Most of them don’t ask, they demand.

MORE than 70 per cent of failed asylum-seekers who have arrived in Australia since boats started coming in late 2008 have had their cases overturned on review, undermining attempts by the government to end the people-smuggling trade by denying residency to boatpeople….

According to the Immigration Department 910 failed asylum-seekers’ cases were reviewed between October 2008 and March this year.

Of those, 641 – or 70.4 per cent – successfully argued that their negative decisions should be overturned. The figures do not include the wave of failed asylum claims that can now be pursued in the courts following last year’s High Court ruling – a development that is sure to result in more failed cases being overturned. Last year the government was warned the high success rate of asylum claims was one of the reasons people-smugglers were targeting Australia instead of other parts of the world, where the success rate was lower.

Of those further claims in the courts, the scale is amazing. Here are those which were finalised just last year:

There were about 550 cases in 2010 in the Federal Magistrates Court

There were about 300 cases in the Federal Court last year.

There were about 40 in the Federal Court’s Full Court

And here’s an insight into why so many appeals by thwarted asylum seekers get accepted, in this case by the Refugeee Review Tribunal:

Last week the Refugee Review Tribunal announced which of its 43 members applying for reappointment would be kept, and which sacked.

An unusually high number – 18 – were shown the door, including a former Labor MP, Noel Pullen.

Furious RRT insiders have checked the case records of these 43 to see how they handled appeals by asylum seekers wanting a review of Immigration Department decisions to turn them down and send them home.

The 25 RRT members who were reappointed last week have, over the past three years, rejected appeals by asylum seekers in 62 per cent of cases.

In contrast, the 18 RRT members who were sacked rejected 78 per cent of appeals. What’s more, the toughest four RRT members were all sacked.

Here are some of the people who will replace them. There’s Charlie Powles, a Refugee and Immigration Law Centre solicitor, and Anthony Krohn, a Melbourne barrister who has worked for many asylum seekers and the Refugee Advice and Casework Service.

Add to them the director of the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese’s Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care; a solicitor for the refugee advocacy group Southern Communities Advocacy Legal Education Service; and a solicitor for Sydney’s Immigration Advice and Rights Centre. Notice a pattern?…

These sackings will now increase the pressure on the remaining RRT members to decide cases not entirely on their merits. Several privately tell me there is now a “culture of fear” in the RRT, where they feel forced to let in more asylum seekers – or else.


Greg Sheridan:

The government is now paralysed on border control. It can merely react, increasingly ineffectively, to the growing aggression and self-confidence of the illegal immigration industry.

Every announcement of tough measures is shown soon enough to lack credibility….

The illegal immigration industry has got the government completely sussed. Now it is in the process of making the detention-centre network completely unworkable.

In order to defuse tensions in the detention centres, processing times will be cut and people will be released as permanent residents sooner than ever.

They will win the prize of permanent residency and they will confirm the product the people-smugglers have to sell.


7 thoughts on “Forcing their way in…. forcing themselves on us…”

  1. Unbelievable that asylum seekers can vandalize and burn down detention centres ( also as revealed recently try to pack rape another asylum seeker) and as a reward for wasting millions of our taxpayer $$$ and acting like animals, get fast tracked to permanent residency after such CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These are NOT the type of people we want here in our country!!
    NO RESPECT for Australian values OR our hospitality they so richly DON”T deserve!
    the Immigration Minister must be answerable for this mess we are seeing!
    Chris Bowen is a disgrace, hasn’t got a clue, and Juliar is a TRAITOR to this country that our ANZACS so proudly and bravely fought to keep FREE from all enemies, both foreign and domestic!
    We are in for nothing but trouble with this muslim riff raff who force themselves upon us and DEMAND that we accept them!..Who BURN down our buildings and rampage like wild animals! GET THE HELL OUTA HERE!!!

  2. Revolution is the only thing our country will understand and while ever we have the bunch of politicians like the ones we have right now.

    Before long we must go out on the streets. Most of us dont want migration from Islamic countries. Let’s show those who rule us that we dont want the bastards on our home soil. As for those who want them here, give them a ticket to one of the Islamic rat holes in the middle east. See the true Islam at work. Live with Sharia.

  3. Does Australia has the same mistaken soc.sec. system as the UK?
    The one where illegal immigrants are not expected to work, given special religious privileges and paid huge sums to bring in 4 wives and umpteen children?

  4. every neighborhood , community , street corner , shopping center, city , town, country & nation that is currently being riddled with ” unwanted” , arrogant , unappreciative , expecting , lethargic immigrants ,”MUST” demand a complete 360 degree “turn around” by “ANY” welcomer who enables , assist , profits from or believes that “everyone” must suffer in order to reach social justice. ill be damned , as should “everyone” sit by and be riddled , suffocated , or questioned about ones chosen lifestyle. no longer can “beggars” ” NOT BE CHOOSY”! allow “no options period” ! get out , get gone, go home , or as ” SO MANY” of these cock tractors like to say …SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES…the difference being “our” CONSEQUENCES are “REAL !

  5. I came across some interesting financial estimates on what it is costing Europe due to recent invasion from North Africa. The costs are alarming and Australia would do well to study this figures because this is what it is going to cost you.
    “Let’s use a rough estimate of €1,000 processing costs per arrival. That is automatically €30,000,000 right there for an estimated 30,000 economic spongers.
    Got that? €30,000,000
    Now add in social welfare benefits per year of a minimum €10,000 per individual and, including the induction costs, that’s a smooth €330,000,000.
    Got that? €330,000,000
    That’s €330,000,000 as in three hundred and thirty million (with an “m”) euros.
    Who here thinks that any single one of these arrivals will cost only €10,000 per year? Let’s be more realistic and crank it up to €25,000 in benefits per year, plus the original processing costs.
    Now we are at a whopping €750,000,000 plus the original €30,000,000 induction processing costs and we now stand at a solid €780,000,000.

    Does anyone think that large numbers of these individuals will remain well-behaved newcomers and not indulge in their traditional criminal behavior?
    Remember, lawyers, judges, police and courtrooms all have very high operating costs. Each criminal case can run an easy €20,000.

    Let’s be exceptionally conservative and presume that only 20% of these arrivals will become members of the criminal community. That way, the true number, which is likely to be very much higher, will be correctly reflected if there are loss of benefits while incarcerated. So, using that modest figure of 20% at €20,000 per court case plus jailing. What do we have?

    One fifth of 30,000 is 6,000 individuals multiplied by €20,000 per criminal case which gives us a tidy sum of €120,000,000.

    Added to the induction processing plus social benefits payouts, we now are looking at some €900,000,000 for just the first year of these 30,000 people arriving in Europe.

    That’s nigh on a billion (with a “b”) euros.

    There is more at:

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