KRudd: we’re building mosques in Afghanistan

Andrew Bolt

Foreign Minister KRudd:

We’re building mosques in Afghanistan

One day, one day soon the Taliban will lay down their weapons and love us for being so nice to them. Add to that the billion dollars in jiziya (tribute) to Indonesia, for all the Islamic schools we are building there, and peace is just around the corner.

Similarly in Afghanistan where we’re building schools, we’re building health clinics, roads, mosquesto support local community development and economic vibrancy as well … 

Very odd.  I really don’t think that’s the most appropriate use for our aid dollars. For a start, I suspect Afghanistan would be healthier with fewer mosques, not more. Second, since when was it our foreign policy goal to promote Islam?


I thought Rudd must have misspoken, but from the Department of Defence website:

The task force is there to conduct repairs and maintenance on the villager’s mosque.

Indeed, from Rudd’s press conference in Washington yesterday:

We even opened our first Australian government-funded mosque in the Tora Valley


3 thoughts on “KRudd: we’re building mosques in Afghanistan”

  1. Why build them in Afghanistan, the economic illegals are coming here.

  2. Some of the biggest supporters of this Australian Labor Party/Green Loon minority Socialist government, the Bleeding Heart / Welfare Lobby/ “Christian Churches” are the first to tell Australian’s that there are in excess of 100,000 Australians HOMELESS, sleeping in the open air, in motor vehicles,cardboard boxes,storm water drains,under bridges and in shop door ways.
    Queensland victims of the recent floods are are still living in tents and whats left of their homes and shitting in Porta Loos, and we have China’s highest ranking official in Australia, Australian foreign Minister Comrade /Lu Kewen,Kevin 07 aka,Kevin Rudd appropriating hundreds of millions of Australian Taxpayers money to fund terrorist sharia ruled Islamic states in the Middle East and Indonesia.

    Comrade Rudd!! where IS the $200 plus million Australians donated to the victims of the Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi?
    Which Islamic Terrorist Organization did you hand it over to so as to ingratiate yourself to your masters at the UN?

    Australia!!! bring on the TREASON TRIALS NOW!!!!

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