Gaddfi son meets virgins

Is this the same Gadaffi son whom Obama gave American stimulus funds to in order to fund the Gaza flotilla?

He and the grand-children were touring a children’s aspirin factory, passing out sweets when ….

TRIPOLI, Libya — Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi escaped a NATO missile strike in Tripoli on Saturday, but his youngest son and three grandchildren under the age of 12 were killed, a government spokesman said. (source)

The left is outraged:

  1. Obommah lied…  children died!
  2. Sasha & Malia are now legitimate targets..
  3. Good job o’bomber. Kill the women and children. Take the US down to their level, right?


“Forgive me for being cynical, but I’ve seen this act before.”

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16 thoughts on “Gaddfi son meets virgins”

  1. “The leader himself is in good health,”

    I’d get a second opinion if I was Gadaffi.

  2. Sheik, I would defer to your superior knowledge of international affairs and ask if you would agree with me , that this could be the biggest blunder of this ill conceived Hussein Obama /Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07, UN, lefts plan to show the world their bona fides when it comes to eliminating the “bad guys” from the planet?
    Sooner than late the Koranimals will turn on their Muslim POTUS as soon as they think they no longer need him.

    I am sure that we will see Code Pink, the various Democrat and Union “Peace Activists” lOcked arm in arm with CAIR, recently released Muslim Terrorists,and numerous “Christian Useful Idiots ” Marching through the streets of Sydney, NY and LA, London, Paris demanding that the WEST Stop this shameless attack upon one of Islams shining lights and indeed a beacon for peace, as indeed was his ally and their late departed previous Muslim PIN UP BOY and Islamic Sociopath Saddam Hussein, simply to STEAL Gadaffi’s OIL………

  3. Stealing oil?

    I’d like that.

    In fact I’d like nothing more than that.

    But no such luck. Even in Iraq, where we spent trillions for ‘nation building’, all to no avail, we are competing with the Ruskies and the Chinese to buy oil at market prices.

    We are the biggest suckers the world has ever known.

  4. Obama’s Libya war still makes no sense, never did. Muslims killing Muslims at no cost to America? What’s not to like about that! But no, we have to stop them, and in the meantime, make a lot more enemies, aid the jihadists who want to take over from Gaddaffy, and, of course, pay for reconstruction when it is all done. The West has become a free probono assassin for the jihadists as they kill the despots. We are so stupid.

  5. Sheik , Re my comment “simply to STEAL Gadaffi’s OIL………”
    Thats not what I think however I wish we (The Civilized World) would STEAL TAKE OIL from these Godless savages.
    I was attempting to, obviously not very well to compare the lefts “Moral outrage ” over the Iraqi operation as opposed to the Libyan Operation, the silence from the left is deafening.
    Is it simply because the POTUS is one of them ?

  6. Dear John (sorry I could not help it)

    “The West has become a free probono assassin for the jihadists as they kill the despots.”

    So true, so Saddam Good , Gadaffi Bad seems to be the present day mantra of the left and the UN.under the Hussein Obama regime.

  7. Is it simply because the POTUS is one of them ?


    John Sobiesky:

    “Obama’s Libya war still makes no sense, never did.”

    It does.

    Its a set up to get at Israel.

    The ‘Obama doctrine’, highly tendentious and selective of course, (the “duty to protect”) can now be applied on Israel when she fights back against Hamas or Hizbollah.

    Diabolical, but that’s the deal.

  8. “The left is outraged:

    Obommah lied… children died!
    Sasha & Malia are now legitimate targets..
    Good job o’bomber. Kill the women and children. Take the US down to their level, right?

    You nailed it, now lets see how many Leftards and Koranimals come out to enunciate those sentiments over the coming days.



  10. [ObL brown bread]

    “Our war is not against islam” – Barack Obama, trumpeting the death of binnie.

  11. 1) Sheik is correct. The obama monkey is setting up a precedent that he can use to legally attack Israel. Congress had better watch this very carefully.

    2) Sheik is correct about oil – we pay the market prices even though we could have taken the oil fields in any ME country if we wanted to. So the BS about oil is just that – BS. We even allow the scum from OPEC to determine what we pay – and we could very easily capture the entire OPEC board and hang them – but dang – we believe in playing fair – a word not at al understood by islamists and their ilk.

  12. The mute button comes in handy when Obama comes on the news prattling about not being at war with islam.

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