IMF Headless

What puzzles me is how does a mooching socialist,  horny like a chimpanzee, who likes to travel first class and stay in $3,000 a night hotels at others people’s expense get to be head of the IMF?

Andrew Bolt has the answer:

Sociallsts tend to believe in redistributing the income of everyone except themselves. Take Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the International Monetary Fund chief:

The prominent French socialist, who was expected to challenge Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency next year, allegedly assaulted a 32-year-old maid who had arrived to clean his £1,855-a-night suite at the luxury Sofitel near Times Square, at 1pm on Saturday.

He just wanted to show her his stimulus package:

IMF chief and potential French presidential candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been charged with sexual assault and attempted rape following accusations by a New York hotel maid. (Bolt)

Rita thinks there’s more to it:

you are talking about a FRENCH politician here. And, speaking with a friend in France this afternoon, asking what they think over there about this incident, she pragmatically said: “ well, the election campaign has started…”, suggesting that he was set up.

Incidentally, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is known in France as a “Queutard”, as is Sarkozy, “queue” being argot for that piece of anatomy often used during the “urge to procreate”.

I am more worried about the potential political outcome here: Should Strauss-Kahn (who is Jewish) and one of the more acceptable figures on the Left, not stand for election, then there is a chance that MARTINE AUBRY (pictured)  makes it. Her husband is a lawyer who has “defended” so many Islamists that he is rumoured to have converted to Islam. While this is not proven, Martine Aubry, as a mayor, has built/organised special swimming pools for Muslim women, with French tax payers money.

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