Israel: Third Intifadah Now

Gateway Pundit:

Rioting Arabs Try to Storm Jewish Homes in Old Jerusalem

Raging Arabs tried to storm Jewish homes in Old Jerusalem following the funeral of a Pali teen who was shot dead yesterday in rioting. Another ‘Al Doura’ affair?  It is not clear who fired the shot that killed the Arab teenager.    YNet News

The Leftist-Islamist Third Intifada: Riots in Jerusalem After Teen Rock Thrower Shot Dead (Video)

Never met a Jew and they probably never will. But they’ll be dying to kill:

Paki boyz  brandish toy guns (?)  as they pose during a rally organized by a hardline Shiite group Palestine Foundation Pakistan in Karachi on May 12, 2011. Some 50 children gathered at a rally to mark the 63rd anniversary of the “Nakba” (catastrophe). Nakba means “catastrophe” in reference to the birth of the state of Israel 63 years ago in British-mandate Palestine, which led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who either fled or were driven out of their homes during the 1948 war over Israel’s creation. (AFP PHOTO) via ZIP

The Leftist-Islamist Third Intifada Is Underway…

The Islamists and Leftists announced their intent of starting a Third Intifada days ago here and here.

Now this…

Yesterday, tens of thousands marched in Cairo and Jordan in remembrance of “Nakba” (Naqba) a word meaning “catastrophe” that Arabs use to describe the creation of Israel in 1948. One Palestinian rock-throwing teen died during Friday’s rioting in East Jerusalem.

Israeli riot police and an undercover unit arrest Pali rioters during clashes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. Pal-Arabs rioted to mourn the 1948 creation of the Jewish state. An Arab ‘youth’ died of his wounds overnight.  (AFP/Menahem Kahana)   Arutz Sheva report here. (“Moderate clashes” from al Reuters here)

Elder of Ziyon

Terror in Tel Aviv; Arabs hail “beginning of third intifada”

One man died and 17 people were injured in what police suspect was a terror attack in Tel Aviv on Sunday. A truck driving along Bar-Lev street hit and ran over several vehicles but continued to drive on.

Video exposes Gaza’s horrors and deprivation

Look at the starvation, the squalor, the humanitarian crisis that is Gaza!

Lamestream media downplay Arab anti-semitism, bloodlust

There were anti-Israel protests at dawn prayers today, in Jordan and Egypt. Here’s how AP reports them.

Here’s the Arabic media’s version of the same protests: Ammon News in Jordan says that the protesters were chanting

Khaybar Khaybar, oh Jews, Muhammad’s Army has begun to return. We sacrifice our souls and blood for [the cause.] To Jerusalem we go, martyrs in the millions. No Embassy of the [Zionist] entity over thy land, O Amman.

Their invocation of Khaybar is, of course, a reference to Mohammed’s slaughter of the Jews of the Khaybar oasis…..  Khaybar is all you need to know.

Recognizing “Palestine” will lead to unending war (NewsRealBlog)

Our Peace Partners from the ‘moderate Fatah’

Israeli military: Soldiers opened fire at Lebanese protesters who attacked border fence

JERUSALEM – Israel’s military spokesman says soldiers have opened fire at a large crowd of Lebanese protesters who approached the border with Israel.

“Arab Spring” Same as it Ever Was, Same as it Ever Was (Atlas)

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  1. So its true then only Mohammedan ARAB INVADERS have the ‘Right of conquest’

  2. The Mohammedan ARAB Invaders who assume that it is only ‘THEY’ have rights to the Holy Land by the ‘Right of Conquest’ a RIGHT they and moonbats worldwide deny to Jews. They are followers of an evil CULT invented by a paedophilic, polygamous, misogynistic, slave holding, megalomaniacal, desert dwelling, murderous and some say, by dint of his stealing his adopted son’s wife, incestuous war lord who they revere as the ‘Best and most righteous of men’ whose life is to be emulated by ‘All’ Mohammedans. So what morals do you think they can possibly have.

  3. My take on the Incondite Koran — This is what happens when you have what is the self proclaimed ‘clear and easy to understand’ and ‘ACTUAL and UNALTERABLE’ word of God written in a language which is at best ambiguous and at worst untranslatable. It seems to me that a self professing ‘Supreme being’ PREDESTINATOR and creator of all who causes his book to be disseminated in such a primitive language as ambiguous 7th Century Arabic is either a ‘supreme joker’ or what is much more likely simply the invention of a 7th Century epileptic,megalomaniac,in a cave. The fact that after 1400 years the Koran does not have a universally accepted translation and interpretation completely repudiates its claims to be ‘clear and easy to understand’ and it being ‘a book for all men for all time’ and if these claims it makes for itself are so demonstrably untrue then the whole edifice of Islam is untrue and we should not be discussing the semantic nuances of a religion just the self justifications of followers of a CULT and should treat it and its adherents in an appropriate manner.

  4. Down with Dumbass ideologies and their sick followers. Down with their cynical use of children. They are the purest scum of the earth one could ever imagine.

  5. Israel’s never ending appeasement to the death worshipers only leads to one place.
    Weak ,secular Jewish leaders like Netanyahu only know how to play this one game, rigged by the West
    Their sacrifice of Israel to the Islamic world under this false peace, 2 state final solution will be repaid in kind.

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