Australia Rewards Detention Centre Arsonists With Visas, Part 2

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Just goes to show that an incompetent government is as good as no government at all.

Who let the dogs out?

PROTESTERS have climbed onto the roof of Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s Sydney electoral office.

The three members of the Cross Border Collective, a Sydney-based group, are calling for the minister to meet the demands of detainees protesting on a roof at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre.

So who is behind the “Cross Border Collective” and who supports them? Well, you guessed it: the usual suspects: the same commie scum that’s been trying to shut Sergio Redegalli down:

Commie blockhead and self-appointed “Refugee advocate” Ian Rintoul

The group will stay there “until the demands of the people protesting in detention are met, and all those incarcerated are released into the community, where they belong”, Emma Kefford, one of the activists currently on the roof, said in a statement released today.


Ali phone home: The Department of Immigration revealed “there is no limit on the number of phone calls for illegal welfare seekers”. (source)

The protesters have supplies and support from other protesters on the ground, Ms Kefford told AAP.

“It will be difficult for them to get us down from here … we are not going to willingly come down at this stage,” she said at 9.15am (AEST) after the three protesters had been on the roof for half an hour.

Ms Kefford said police had arrived at the scene.

“We are prepared to be arrested,” she said.

No one from Mr Bowen’s office had spoken to the protesters yet, she said.

Another rooftop protester, Claire Parfitt, told AAP at 10am (AEST) that about 20 police officers had arrived at the scene.

“We have just had police rescue arrive although they haven’t made any (move) to come up and get us at this stage and we are determined to stay here as long as we can,” she said.

“They just called out to us to say that we would be arrested if we don’t get down but I reckon they would have arrested us anyway.”

In Sydney’s Villawood detention centre, three detainees are into the 10th day of their rooftop protest, an Immigration Department spokesman told AAP.

“There is still three protesters on the roof,” he said shortly before 10am (AEST).

Majid Parhizkar, 24, from Iran, and stateless Kurdish men Mehdi Darabi, 24, and Amir Morad, 22, have been on the roof since April 20.

At the start of their protest last week there was an overnight riot at the centre involving up to 100 detainees, who destroyed nine buildings by setting them on fire.

Twenty-two people allegedly involved in that riot are now being held in Silverwater jail.

A third protester on Mr Bowen’s roof has defended the actions of the rioters.

“That detainees have been moved to Silverwater prison is an indictment on the Australian state,” Beth Malone said in a statement.

“Their actions should be applauded for their bravery in the face of injustice,” she said.

“We’re calling on Bowen to immediately release everyone that has been moved to the prison.”

The protest at Mr Bowen’s office is organised by the Cross Border Collective, which says it is “committed to the unconditional release of all those incarcerated in immigration detention, and the destruction of the detention centres”.

A spokesman for Mr Bowen confirmed that protesters had climbed onto the roof of his office but declined to comment further.

Latest news from Bolt:

Can’t tell us where they’ll go or when:

THE Gillard government’s Malaysia solution has failed its first test, with confusion over the future of a boatload of asylum seekers picked up off Scott Reef.

Not surprised Thailand wants a deal like this, to ship out its own refugees:

THAILAND has lent its support to Australia’s new bilateral arrangements for asylum seekers with Malaysia.


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  • The above article is an update from this:

    Rioters have their refugee claims approved
    If this is true somebody, somewhere in the Immigration Department should be relieved from his duties immediately (suggestion – Chris Bowen). 

    As seven detainees charged with offences relating to the April riot appeared in court yesterday, refugee advocate Ian Rintoul said two of the detainees said to be involved in the riots had been told their refugee claims would succeed pending security clearances. (source)

    The only thing in favour of our wonder boy Chris Bowen here would be the fact that Ian Rintoul’s words and character should never ever be trusted and his actions always treated as suspicious. Rioters have their refugee claims approved (IM)

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    1. What happened to the white australia policy,when I was a teen I contemplated moving to Oz and was surprized on the application they sent me they asked are you an american of white “nothern European ancestry?

    2. What happened to the white Australia policy,when I was a teen I contemplated moving to Oz and was surprised on the application they sent me they asked are you an American of white “northern European ancestry?

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