Jiziya = Taxes for (Islamic) Terrorists

Not to be confused with zakat:

Zakat goes to  THOSE FIGHTING FOR ALLAH, meaning jihadists ENGAGED IN ISLAMIC MILITARY OPERATIONS for who no salary has been allotted in the Army roster. They are given enough to suffice for the operation, even if affluent;  Weapons, clothing, money for expenses, ammunition etc.

Sound like peaceful charity?


Haven’t you always wanted to send your money directly to imprisoned terrorists? Well now you can thanks to cooperation between the Obama Administration and the Palestinian Authority which will now be paying salaries to imprisoned terrorists. The PA doesn’t have much of a tax base, except the Americans, Israelis and Europeans who serve as their tax base.

A law published in the official Palestinian Authority Registry last month grants all Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary from the PA.

The latest US contribution to the PA budgetAdopt a Terrorist is a quarter of a billion.

Is all that money worth it? Well let’s do the math. Obama is trying to win over the Muslim world. His approval rating is down across the Muslim world. But in the Palestinian Authority, he’s actually up by 3 points. What’s some 250 million to pay the salaries of terrorists in order to get a three point approval hike from… terrorists.

Obama shouldn’t pop the Halal champagne just yet. Al Qaeda is still 10 points ahead of him. But with enough money, he could get to within 5 points of Osama bin Laden. Peace In Our Weekend /Sultan Knish