Gaddafi, Strauss-Kahn, Brother Tariq & the 'Right to Masturbate'

Gaddafi, King of Kings, Lion of Africa

The self-proclaimed fearless Bedouin warrior used children as human shields by building a playground over his compound in Tripoli.

(INN) International Criminal Court prosecutors want warrants for the arrest of Libya dictator Muammar Qaddafi as evidence shows he used children as human shields by building a playground over his compound in Tripoli. More… (eye on the world)

War is Deceit:

Harder than a rock:

New York officials released information on the brutal sexual attack by Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn this weekend. Strauss-Kahn allegedly forced a New York City hotel housekeeper from Africa to perform oral sex and submit to anal sex and he also attempted to rape her.   ABC reported via GWP.

Brother Tariq very much unhinged unhappy (on Tony Jones)

“…I condemn what happened. I think that this is completely against the Islamic value – and I said it: it’s anti-Islamic.  But I wasn’t happy. I wouldn’t – I will never be happy that we are killing someone. (got it? he will not be happy we are killing someone…?)

At last: the right to masturbate!

Brazil Grants Right to Masturbate to Internet Porn at Work

With every passing day, the moonbats running this world further erode our basic rights to property, free expression, free association, and self-defense. We are granted coercive arbitrary decrees in exchange. For example, the Brazilian government infringes on your right to employ those you choose, but the employees have a “right” to masturbate at work: (Moonbattery)

Foggy Bottoms or Ivory Tower Syndrome? A  WACADEMIC’S  VIEW (Tim Blair)

White House Infested With Sexual Deviants

Like Google, Barack Hussein Obama backs the promotion of disease-spreading sexual depravity. He must be very proud that under his rule, there are almost as many homosexuals in the White House as there are communists: (Moonbattery)

Can’t Stop Them Preying:

Federal Agents Told to Let Muselmanic Suspects Exploit Cultural Sensitivity Obsequiousness

Imagine if you’re a federal agent hot on the trail of a Muslim preparing to set off a nuke in an American city, but you can’t interrupt him just now because he’s praying to his satanic god. Imagine if you can’t search his house because his wife says she’s the only one home and it wouldn’t be proper. Imagine if you were charged with keeping the public safe, but you had to take orders from obsequious dhimmi idiots.

The following video is used by the terrorist-friendly Department of Justice and the utterly inept Department of Homeland Security to train all enforcement officers: (watch the vid)

Too bad Muslims don’t reciprocate all this deferential sensitivity. We could declare that we find it insensitive to murder innocent civilians in the name of evil. The terror threat would be over.

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  1. Sensitive police raids

    Agents followed new politically correct rules when arresting Florida imam accused of funding Taliban
    The feds are trying to win the trust of the Muslim community. It never seems to occur to anyone, in light of all the jihad plots that have been uncovered in the U.S. over the last two years, that the Muslim community should be trying to win the trust of the feds.

    More on this story. “Feds seek trust of Muslim community,” by Curtis Morgan for the Miami Herald, May 15 (thanks to JW)

  2. Judgment day is near & Almighty GOD will do judgment between all human beings & HE never do injustice & then U non believers of ISLAM & WE who believe in all messengers Like Abraham , Moses , Jesus & Muhammad (Peace be on all) will see. ALLAH Is the Only ONE God without any partners without any Sons. ALLAH Is the Greatest.

  3. allah is destined for the lake of fire, along with its false prophet.

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