Mia Praises the Freedom Sack

What could be more progressive?

For the luvvies, FGM is just a rite of passage….

Geoff Dickson posted this on the Australian Islamist Monitor with regards to Mia’s Misconceptions

Mia Freedman writes a regular column for Al Age’s Sunday Life. Mia sees the world through rose colored goggles and would like you to like the freedom sack:

Reflections on Multiculturalism

  • Muslims say they are integrating yet they demand and get separate toilets, washrooms and prayer rooms; (back in their own countries they drown in filth and can’t provide their starving, overbreeding masses clean drinking water…)
  • Muslims say they are multicultural yet they object to Christian symbols like crosses and crucifixes and want them removed, (and wherever possible, they attack synagogues and firebomb them) yet they want mosques and madrassas and to sound their call to prayer;  (that’s because Islam came to abolish all other religions…)
  • Muslims say they respect our culture yet they want to wear burqas and niqabs and put curtains around swimming pools so we can’t gaze on them; (in fact they want our women to cover up as well…)
  • Muslims reject our religious holidays like Easter and Christmas yet they want us to observe their pagan traditions such as Ramadan and Eid with their barbaric slaughter of lambs;
  • Muslims say they are Australians yet they reject our national flag and want us to speak in Arabic; (even though most of them are illiterate and rely on their imams or mullah’s for indoctrination)
  • Muslims say they love Australia yet they want to overthrow our government and want Sharia to rule; (they love being in Australia to make it Islamic)
  • Muslims say they are grateful to Australia yet they want to replace our laws which treat all people equally and introduce Sharia law which enshrines inequality, slavery and barbarism; (that’s their religious obligation, why can’t you understand that, kafir?)
  • Muslims say they are tolerant but are pushing their Halal food onto all Australians without asking us; (“tolerance” for Muslims means they allow you to live under Islam, provided you pay the jiziya with willing submission….)
  • Muslims say they are oppressed and so want government handouts and grants to ease their pain; (a clear entitlement according to the Koran, sira & hadith)
  • Muslims say they are victims and so want special treatment and privileges but never offer us the same in their countries; (indeed, they are victims: the existence of kafirs in positions of power is oppressive to Muslims, who are  victimized  by their corruption.  The kafirs need to be purged from the land….)

Isn’t it comforting to know that Muslims are so multicultural?

In other news:

Sergio wins an important battle against religious and cultural apartheid

6 thoughts on “Mia Praises the Freedom Sack”

  1. Multiculturalism only benefits the ethnic minorities from the third world. It’s why they are so desperate for the mainstream population to support it and believe in it.

    I doubt the Muslim couple on the aeroplane in Mia’s article would’ve told the truth. I can’t really see the Muslim women saying in front of her husband that he forced her to wear the veil. And I’m sure that the husband wouldn’t have admitted he forced his wife to wear one. You wouldn’t if you knew how people felt about it and what they thought.

    I think the article demonstrated how well Muslims understand our way of thinking and how people like Mia are clueless ‘nice people’ who want her readers to all join her naive worldview.

  2. The ‘right to wear the freedom sack’ obviously excludes the right not to wear it.

    We have records of women being murdered for refusing.

    The fact that these creatures are brainwashed or beaten into it should not matter to us, its unacceptable in our society just like FGM and child-marriage.

  3. Mia’s a moron if she believes anything they say about religious matters.

    All muslems know using taquia and kitman to advance islam, Mia should too!

  4. Judgment day is near & Almighty GOD will do judgment between all human beings & HE never do injustice & then U non believers of ISLAM & WE who believe in all messengers Like Abraham , Moses , Jesus & Muhammad (Peace be on all) will see. ALLAH Is the Only ONE God without any partners without any Sons. ALLAH Is the Greatest.

  5. Poor dumb Mia, she does not know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The taqqiya scum will always play on the softies.

  6. Yo John, pull the other one it plays jingle bells.

    Your man MO did not know the difference between Gabriel and Lucifer.

    Allahs the Bedouin man in the moon, no connection, the Yanks went there and 40 years ago found nix! Also his 2 daughters failed to put in an appearance.
    Further your ridiculous comment has no bearing on the tread!

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