Malice in Blunderland

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While the “Arab Spring” is in full swing and  the good Muslims go apeshit all over the Middle East, the nutroot messiah is in Ireland slurping guiness. A  fawing NBC Gushes Over Obama’s ‘Irish Roots,’ Claims His Ancestors Were ‘Community Organizers’. (No shiite)

The White House  propaganda machine wanted to make sure you knew that Obama was on top of the disaster in Missouri, a forlorn place where people still cling to their religion and their guns. Michelle the moocher and Hussein the community organizer  are going to a concert tonight in Dublin.

In Germany, the Obama regime Holds Peace Talks with the Taliban, something you knew would never happen, while back in Yemen the US is on the run: US Ambassadors Airlifted From Yemeni Diplomatic Mission

In Spain, the  Ruling Socialist party faces prospect of “humiliating”, “crushing” defeat and  Fresh Muslim ‘Immigrants’ Riot in Greece…

Yuman Rites Uber Alles:

(UK) Judges Block Home Security from Deporting Terrorist…

Islamic  terrorists enjoy far more human rights than we do: you know that your government would never waste taxpayers money on you to keep you safe. If you could enlighten us why liberal judges are so concerned about the well-being of Islamic headbangers please let us know, we had a few puzzled enquiries already.

Other news:

Egyptian Islamist politician Magdi Ahmad Hussein tells his Muslim brother Obama to shove it:

Brother Obama, you’ll beg for alms from China, in order to pay us. Who are you kidding? There are Egyptian intellectuals who remember that you have no money. You are the biggest beggar in the whole world.   (MEMRI)

Egyptian Mob Trapped Priests in Church…

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  1. Ahh you just got to hand it to Obambi for three YEARS he couldn’t find (sorry MANUFACTURE) his Birth Certificate but it was easy peasy for him to find his Great, great, great, great Irish Grandfather. Now I am Irish and have family still living there and its not easy for us to trace the family tree further back than two or three generations and my family KNOWS where we originated.

  2. Same sorta thing will happen in Australia prior to the next election. Julia Gillard will marry his girlfriend Tim to try and deflect the media from whats truely the issues that confront all of us. Unfortunately the media has become a one trick pony circus and the truth be damned.

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