Morocco: Islamic Terrorists Arrested

Morocco: Terrorists arrested, preempting attack in Belgium

WTF?  The identities of the men were not released.

Belgian authorities were not informed of the investigation, though the Moroccan authorities based themselves on information from Belgium in order to build their case.   (Islam in Europe)

Good News:

Obama preparing fresh outreach to the Islamic world

This is unlikely to do anything but reinforce the idea, often assumed in the Obama Administration, that the conflict between the U.S. and the Islamic world is all our fault, and that we can end it with various concessions. “President to Renew Muslim Outreach,” by Jay Solomon and Carol E. Lee for the Wall Street Journal

Moazzam Begg, WaPo’s  Darling Jihadist

Taking the mainstream media’s dhimmitude and kowtowing to the jihadists to new heights. “The Washington Post’s Jihadist Op-Ed Contributor,” by Thomas Joscelyn inThe Weekly Standard,

Paki’s Pray for Binnie

Pakistan: Prayers for Bin Laden in National Assembly

Reflecting “a divergent view from the official stance over the killing of Bin Laden,” and probably one that is more popular with the people of Pakistan than that official stance. “Prayers for Bin Laden in National Assembly,” from The Express Tribune,

Exclusive: Photo of Osama bin Laden Being Shot!

Bail Denied

Judge denies bail to Muslim who shouted “Allahu akbar” and charged cockpit on flight to San Francisco

He charged the cockpit twice, shouting “Allahu akbar.” Thus the judge had no choice but to reject the bathroom defense. “Judge denies bail for passenger who roiled Calif. flight,” from the Associated Press, May 11: