Muslim Mob Pelts Cairo Church Opening with Rocks…

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The New Civility:

Bearded Sunni cops in Kashmir attempt to  beat the Shiite out of a group of Shia pilgrims.

A well-documented article on the questionable status of religious minorities in Turkey:

Itbach ya Yahood: (kill the Jews!)

Paki fans still heartbroken over Binnie:


All your money are belong to us:

Hand Over Your Cash America Your Billion-Dollar Bribe Is Not Close to Enough Social Justice: Pali Activist Demands Social Justice – US Must Return Assets to Countries We Exploited

I want all of those cocksuckers behind bars:

Farraklan’s Buddy in big Doodoo:

What else can you expect from a Muslim?

Sharia enforced:

2 thoughts on “Muslim Mob Pelts Cairo Church Opening with Rocks…”

  1. The persecution of the Christian Copts is never ending. The Churches are being destroyed and young Coptic girls are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. It is a slow genocide of a group of Christian people who are the original people of Egypt. The very name Egypt comes from the word Copt.
    The only viable solution is to partition Egypt. The whole of the Sinai peninsula must be allocated to the Coptic people and the 2 billion dollars in aid that America gives Egypt must be diverted to the Coptic people for nation building in the Sinai

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