Muslim Terror in the Sky: "he was just looking for the bathroom…"

“Maybe he was looking for the bathroom”: Family defends Muslim who stormed cockpit, shouting “Allahu akbar” as plane approached San Francisco

Of course. I mean, who doesn’t shout “Allahu akbar” while on the way to the airplane bathroom, and pound on the cockpit door when finding the bathroom occupied? It happens every day. Relax. I thought it was a search for pretzels, but this makes much more sense. “‘Maybe he was looking for the bathroom’: Family defends Yemeni passenger who stormed cockpit, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as plane came in to land at San Francisco,” by Daniel Bates for the Daily Mail, May 10 via JW.

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An update from this:

Another imam claims airport profiling

And — purely coincidentally — he was, like the flying imams who made national news a few days ago, on this way to a conference on “Islamophobia.” Abdul-Latif’s victimhood complaint is so flimsy and obviously concocted that even a veteran whiner like Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper “suggested it was possible technical problems, rather than profiling,” that was the cause here.

“Imam Claims Racial Profiling by American Airlines,” by Arun Venugopal for WNYC News, May 9:

US Airways Captain on flying imams incident: “I can promise you the captain didn’t throw those people off because of the way they were dressed. There’s more to the story.”

These imams are demanding all sorts of concessions. It is interesting to note that the orthodox Jews who were removed from a plane in March are not crying victimhood, not claiming racial profiling, not trying to weaken airport security. The contrast is illuminating. An update on this story. “Captain Backs Pilot Who Kicked Muslims Off Plane,” from, May 9 via JW:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A U.S. Airways Captain defended the actions of another pilot, three days after two imams were kicked off a flight bound for Charlotte.

Lawyers for Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghloul said the imams were pulled off a plane in Memphis before it headed to Charlotte Friday. The lawyers said the pilot refused to fly with them on board. He said the men passed multiple security clearances before boarding a Delta connection flight operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

The imams said they were victims of racial profiling. On Sunday, Capt. James Ray, who represents the pilot’s union for U.S. Airways, said it’s highly unlikely the pilot asked them to leave for that reason.

“I can promise you the captain didn’t throw those people off because of the way they were dressed. There’s more to the story,” Ray said.

The imams said the pilot told them the passengers were uncomfortable, but no passengers spoke up.

Ray said ultimately, it’s the captain’s call. “The captain operates in an environment that’s always changing. It’s dynamic. You can’t fly an airplane by committee,” he said. […]

The imams were headed to Charlotte for a weekend conference on “islamophobia” – the fear of Islam.

They were put on another flight and arrived a few hours later.

Atlantic Southeast Airlines released a statement and said it apologizes for any inconvenience but it takes security very seriously. The imam’s attorney said his office plans to launch an investigation into the incident. If it turns out the pilot was not justified in putting the imams off the plane, his office will sue for negligence and a violation of civil rights.

Muslim Leaders Address “Islamophobia”

The annual conference in Charlotte was scheduled before Friday’s incident and before the death of Osama bin Laden. Conference organizers said the timing could not have been more coincidental….


Yes, what a remarkable coincidence!


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