The Obamessiah still likes us:

Hooray!… Despite Our Imperfections Dear Leader Obama Tells Us: “My Belief In You Has Not Lessened… My Confidence in the American People Has Not Diminished”

He won’t give up on us. Despite our imperfections.  Thank you, Hussein  Obama. Thank you for your gracious acceptance.

Jews told not to boo:

Attendees at Largest Jewish American Conference Told Not to Boo Obama

Will they make him wait while they eat?
Will they allow any photos?
Will they lecture him on restraint?


Milkmaid Logic UK:

Strauss Kahn Rape Case

It gets worse, much worse:

More Bad News… IMF Leader’s Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim Lives in AIDS House

More bad news for the socialist IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn…
The woman who accused Strauss-Kahn of sexual abuse lives in a Bronx apartment rented exclusively to adults with HIV or AIDS.

How the left have succeeded in polarizing the West into becoming anti-Semites:

Interfaith activity unwanted:

3 thoughts on “Newsflash”

  1. The ego and arrogance of the Obamanation the malignant narcissistic Anchor Baby Affirmative Action son of an Undesirable Alien moocher and an underage Trollop knows no bounds.

  2. Throughout his reign the rampant ego and arrogance of the Obamanation, the malignantly narcissistic Anchor Baby Affirmative Action Kid the son of an Undesirable Alien moocher and an underage ‘Girl of loose morals’, has known no bounds.Fueled by the fawning sycophants of moonbats and Lame Stream EneMedia, the Obamanation has sneered at mainstream America and insulted her Allies.
    Can somebody please respond to this question’ Is just being born there all that is needed to be NBC in the USA , because if you consider Obambi legitimate then with his parentage that must be the case and if that is so can we look forward to the Mexican Anchor Baby President?’

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