Sharia in U.S. Courts

If you think it can’t happen in the US of A you are naive:  its already happening. Just like   Muslim lawyers and their clients refuse to raise in respect of the courts in England, Holland & Danmark, here’s a soldier of allah who forced his coffee-filter on the filthy kafirs in America:

Judge reverses decision on Muslim headwear

ATLANTA (AP) –– A Georgia judge has reversed a decision that blocked a Muslim man from his courtroom because he was wearing religious headwear.

Henry County State Court Judge James Chafin said he found “through his own research that there is a basis in the Quran for both men and women to cover their heads as a religious observance.”

Three separate times, the judge had blocked Troy “Tariq” Montgomery from entering his courtroom to dispute a traffic ticket because he was wearing a kufi, a traditional Muslim head covering. Montgomery said he was surprised by the decision but hopeful no other Muslims will have to face similar objections.

The Judicial Council of Georgia decided in July 2009 to allow headwear that is worn for religious or medical reasons after a similar dispute.



6 thoughts on “Sharia in U.S. Courts”

  1. If only muslim headgear is allowed in that Atlanta court, it is discrimination & the judge should be sued & debenched. Rules need to apply equally to everybody or not be applied at all. No special treatment.

  2. If the judge did some more research, he might find that there is a basis in the koran for beheading him.

  3. So just to be clear here, are you saying that orthodox Jews and Sikhs must remove their respective head coverings in Georgia courts?
    I can certainly understand casual hats or caps but surely religious head coverings are exempt? How about nuns who still wear habits?
    As Zilla said, “it is discrimination”.
    Interesting that the Judicial Council also had the compassion to include “medical reasons”, suggesting perhaps women undergoing chemo(?).
    Although a wig would perhaps be a simpler solution in that case.

    1. Nuns are part of our culture and society, just like orthodox Jews and Sikhs.

      You insist we elevate Islam to a bonafide religion, which it isn’t.

      Islam is a socio-political ideology that seeks our demise. Any further subversive activities and increasing demands for recognition must therefore be rejected.

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