UK: 'Whiteness' causes murder… Canary Island beheading caused by 'prophet from @#%*''

Just a ‘kaffir:’

UK: Muslim murders non-Muslim woman after texting, “I’m gonna send that kaffir bitch straight to hell”

The Daily Mail keeps referring to Laura Wilson as “white,” while completely ignoring Ashtiaq Asghar’s references to her as a “kaffir.” She wasn’t killed because of her race; she was murdered because she was a non-Muslim, and so her life was cheap. “White teenage mother stabbed to death and dumped in canal after having baby with married Muslim,” from the Daily Mail, May 13

Canary Islands:

Man Who Beheaded Woman Claimed to be Prophet from God?

Not to worry: he was a “knifeman”

Heard about this tragic story of the beheading of a woman on the Canary Islands?

First reports were that the attack was out of the blue and that there was no motive for the attack. Today we have more details. The man had been harassing the woman for some time prior to her murder, she sought police protection, they moved the man along.

Just one question: did he scream ‘allahu akbar?’

And also he claimed to be a “prophet from God.” (Jawa Report)

Wasn’t there another case by another cultural enricher? Yes there was:

7 thoughts on “UK: 'Whiteness' causes murder… Canary Island beheading caused by 'prophet from @#%*''”

  1. Again – why do European women even associate with these vile islamist ratbags??

  2. Why indeed? After a generation of living here, educated here, speak like us, look like us, they appear to be the same as us. We cant tell until it is too late. Combine this with their pathological lies, the fervor of their islamic beliefs, and we are sitting ducks. Easy Peazy.

  3. Why indeed do european and american women asossiate with these wogs
    they cant find a decent gentile….? and why do european countries keep giving these assholes refuge and let them live in thier countries,these are not people who want to assimilate.I see a resurgence of nazi style race hatred coming to europe or the US or all western countries,and although I am no nazi sypathizer I could understand it fully…also why do we spend our money to save these pigs from thier own butchers screw them let em all rot in hell with osama.

  4. The woman did not know her attacker. She thought he was a homeless man. She is therefore not guilty of associating with anyone.

  5. Hi Theresaj,
    My comment was directed to the case of English girl murdered by the mohammedan for getting pregnant, probably after having been raped by the thug. As regards the event in the Canary Islands, the man followed her and she asked people for help. No one gave her any and she was almost certainly asking for help as she was attacked.. The people there should hang their heads in shame. As for the perp – burn it alive – after vivisecting it. And to the turn-the-other cheek crowd – FO!!

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