UK's "Conservative" Government Upholds Ban on Michael Savage

Free Speech Death Watch.

David Cameron, who somehow reminds me of a butchers son, is in the tank for Islam. Just like the pandering Labour hacks before him. These ‘conservatives’ malignant cretins have an understanding of democracy that resembles that  of ‘dear leader’ Kim Yong Ill in North Korea.

Controversial ‘shock jock’ radio presenter Michael Savage, who was barred from entering the UK two years ago for his “extreme views”, has had the ban reaffirmed.

The Conservative-led British government announced in July it would only lift the ban initiated by the previous Labour leadership if Savage took back statements he had made on his broadcasts that were deemed a ‘threat to national security’.

And while the U.K has never specified which comments it found so dangerous, an attorney for the British government has stayed true to its threat, reaffirming the ban. (Daily Mail)

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  1. “Conservative ” is just a word to moonbats like Cameron and his Party They considered a name change to “Moonbat Islamophile Nu -Labour Lite” but decided it was too truthful and not good euphemistic enough to fool the idiots who vote for them.

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