Ann Barnard is looking for good links or citations on any topic relating to Islamic Sexuality

The Gates of Vienna received a request for any topic on Islamic Sexuality from Koran-burning buzzsaw Ann Barnhardt . She will be the keynote speaker at a Las Vegas event in September, for which she needs it.

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

So anyone who has any material on Islamic perversions should send it to Ms. Barnhardt. Her email address is posted on her website.

As you may know, WoJ is a treasure trove of information, and you can get yourself  a gut-full of  this stuff anytime you come along for a ride.  How’s this for starters:


“Ghazali, in his book, Ihya’ Ulum al-Din (Revival of Religious Learnings) writes that prayer, a big family and poverty will ensure Paradise (al-Ghazali, 1993, p. 2.28).”

More on Ghazali, from Abul Kasem:

The most appalling narration of Ghazali’s declaration of absolute superiority of men over women is written in this fashion:

“Prophet said – if husband would be covered with pus from head to toe, and wife would lick it, even then wife’s gratitude to husband wouldn’t be fulfilled.”

Your sexual intercourse with your wife is an act of charity. If you throw your semen in lawful things (inside a vagina), you will get rewards. (p.1.236)

The readers should note that the above translated passage of Ihya Ulum Al-Din is from the Bengali translation of the famous book of Ghazali.(Reference: Ehiya Ulum Al Deen Vol 2 / 9 page 311, Bangla: Translated by :- M. N. M. Imdadullah MMBA (Hons), MA, Publisher – Bangladesh Taj company Ltd. 8 Parydas Road Dhaka 1100).

Please note that the English version of this grand book of Islam has cleverly discarded similar passages quoted (from the Bengali translation) above. In fact, the English translator writes that he has omitted certain passages which are not relevant today. Here are a few gems (summarized) from the English translation of Ihya Ulum Al?Din. Please note that the English version is in four volumes.

Muhammad said: A prison in the corner of a house is better than a childless woman. (p.2.24)

An ugly woman with children is better than a beautiful woman without children (p.2.24)

If it be known that a woman is barren, do not marry her: marry lovely and child bearing women. (p.2.32)
A good woman is one who is married early at her age, who gives birth to a child without delay and who demands a small dower. (p.2.32)”
There’s heaps more, here:  Muslim Woman

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  1. Here’s one, mentioned in the comments to Weasel Zipper’s thread on Huma leaving Tony . . .

    Fishy Commentator says:
    June 30, 2011 at 12:40 pm
    Let’s suppose after the divorce is complete that Huma and Anthony want to get remarried again. Under Sharia Law, she has to (a muta marriage) sleep with another muslim man before re-marrying Wiener. This is the “Law of Allah”. Sick isn’t it?

  2. Yeah Ive a very relevant link for Ann Barnard – Islam is fundamentally a kid f#cking religion and the adherents to this vile cult revere a pedophile psychopath called Mohammed. Apparently Aisha was the favourite wife of this repulsive animal, not surprising giving his sick and deranged obsession with children

  3. The web site Bare naked islam has a comprehensive list of archived articles on Islamic sexuality.

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