Netherlands: "One dog less" — Young Muslims jeer and mock at Christian funerals, pound hearse with fists

Dead Infidel Dogs

Netherlands: “One dog less” — (Jeering the dead)

Why is this tolerated?  One hint why the Dutch Government has decided to scrap multiculturalism.

Wakademic Rot

Not worthy of the name “academic”

A scandalous attempt by “academics” not just to gag free speech, but to counter inconvenient opinions with a cowardly ban rather than an argument:

More than 50 Australian academics have signed a letter urging Western Australia’s Notre Dame University to cancel a speech by British climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton…

… a letter signed by more than 50 academics has called on the university to bar the controversial speaker, saying “he stands for the kind of ignorance and superstition that universities have a duty to counter”. 

Shame on them. These people are the scum of the earth.

Economic Brown (-out)

Professor Sinclair Davidson explains why Greens leader Bob Brown is a an economic menace:

Yesterday, at the National Press Club, Brown did his best to stoke up anger against investors from “Switzerland, London, Calcutta, Beijing” and foreigners who, according to a study commissioned by the Greens and released yesterday, own 83 per cent of Australian mining companies.,,

Brown may have good intentions but he is economically illiterate. That illiteracy is likely to cost ordinary Australians dearly; many will lose their jobs and their standard of living is likely to fall…. A lesson for Brown

Andrew Bolt

Worked for a killer? Then come to Australia

We really are dupes, exploited even by the cronies of a genocidal dictator:

A MUSICIAN who wrote propaganda songs for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and performed at his drunken parties has been recommended for asylum in Australia.

“Change” al la O’turd:

U.S. Adds Israel to ‘Promoter, Producer, or Protector’ of Terrorists List

“ICE declined to say who put Israel on the list or when Israel was put there.”  Read More »

That’s the spirit:

North Korea to Head UN Conference…on Disarmament?

Kim Jong-il must be thrilled.   Read More »

Was John Lennon a Closet…Republican?


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