"Australia is a S#*t Country"

Mohammedan Gratitude

  • (Musel-)mans family allegedly involved in violent feud
  • Says no one in Australia cares or helps
  • Has been sleeping in car since shooting
  • Abdul Tiba’s house in Melbourne has been the target of numerous attacks in what police fear is an escalating gang war.

    Andrew Bolt: How did we import such trouble? What is the origin of this particular us-against-them culture? What is the lesson for our immigration and refugee policy?

    VICTORIA’S top cop has vowed to end the gang crisis gripping Melbourne’s northern suburbs after another wild street shootout.

    Armed thugs defied a police crackdown, trading gunfire from speeding cars as they roared through Glenroy last night.

    It was the sixth shooting incident since February suspected of being linked to friction between warring Middle Eastern families…

    Former top NSW cop Clive Small, who led that state’s assault on Middle Eastern gang warfare last decade, said: “If you don’t get on top of it quickly, it will escalate and escalate.”


    THE head of one of the families allegedly involved in a violent feud in Melbourne says he wants to return to Lebanon because police in Australia are not helping his family.

    Abdul Tiba says Australia is a “s–t country” where no one cares about his family, which is allegedly involved in an increasingly violent feud with a rival clan that police believe might be drug related.

    “No one helps me in this country, no police, not any community, no St Vincents (de Paul), no one,” Mr Tiba told Fairfax radio…

    “Australia country they bring on 2006 from Lebanon all the citizenship, they spend 20 million thousand dollars but no one can spend $1000 to save my family.

    “I tell them I want to go back, I don’t want to stay in this s–t country like that.”

    Moslem be gone. And don’t let the door hit you where Allah split you…..


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    1. * Abdul Tiba says Australia is a “s–t country”

      He can be at Tullamarine in 10 minutes.

    2. Or the Fawkner cemetery in about the same time, if he chooses to stay.

    3. Yep 10 minutes, how many for his extended family group? Do we send one bus or more?

    4. Nothing to see Here, this Cunt should have been shot through the Head on the first attempt to kill him.
      Not to worry, I am sure there is no shortage of “Australia’s finest” “locked and loaded” ready to finish the job.

      Now, exactly where is he ?

    5. Culturally appropriate comment on Bolt (not mine)

      [These fine, upstanding members of our community are simply expressing themselves in a culturally appropriate manner.]

    6. It looks like he has still been eating quite well…probably going to a Christian soup kitchen and getting a lot more than soup.

    7. well, well , well, who would have guessed that this gangland shooting we have seen these past few days on tv, was MUSLIM related… not ONE WORD from the media about it…oops, we must not be racist(but islam is NOT a race) therefore we must not discriminate on religious grounds ( but if it was a “christian” based cult it would be shouted from the rooftops!) Just wait till Mr Bowen, Immigration Minister approves residency for the Uighur muslims from Guantanamo Bay!! you aint seen nothin’ yet!!
      THEY are Al Qaeda trained!
      Now don’t forget to write to Mr Bowen and thank him for adding the Uighur muslims to the rich diversity we are all enjoying at the moment.

    8. Agree Aussiegirl, the Uighurs are very dangerous and if Bowen approves their residency, or if the refugee commission rubber stamps their applications for residency, they should be taken out and judicially executed as the traitors they are.

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