Today's Cultural Enrichment: Honor Killings, Robbery, Slander & Hatred

Dis-United Kingdom

Carnita Matthews impersonator seen robbing bank in burqa:  British Cops Hunt Burqa Bandit…

A man who holds up travel agents with a knife while dressed as a woman in a burka has been caught on camera.

No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind (Vlad Tepes)

Britain’s powerlessness to control who has the right to be in this country was glaringly exposed last night by two extraordinary cases.  In the first, an anti-Semitic preacher of hate whom the Home Secretary had banned from entering Britain was able to stroll in through Heathrow.

Last night, Raed Salah was giving a lecture organised by Islamist radicals to a large crowd in Leicester, and today he was due to speak at Westminster at the invitation of Left-wing Labour MPs.  Continue reading →



Mohammedan Drivel

Geert Wilders is no ‘racist’ and he doesn’t hate: he cares. He cares about OUR culture and OUR civilization, not about the retarded cult of Islam. Those who care  detest Fatima Kanji and the drivel she posts  at the Independent.

Spencer: Geert Wilders’ (Narrow) Victory for Free Speech

In Human Events this morning I discuss the implications of Geert Wilders’ narrow victory last week.

Here’s more:   Geert Wilders: Free at Last?

“Hate speech” is not the equivalent of slander or libel. Slander and libel must make claims of fact about a person before the person can sue the perpetrator of those claims and attempt to prove that they are not facts.

Feelings obviously can be hurt, but a hurt feeling is not an actionable offense that justifies retaliatory force, private or governmental. Unlike a black eye or a broken arm, a hurt feeling cannot be demonstrable in court as evidence of assault. Unlike a physical injury, feelings can be faked. But lawsuits, criminal or civil, have been the weapons used by Muslims to silence the critics of Islam and Muslims, and they are successful only in those countries whose non-objective law has been further corrupted and co-opted by multiculturalism and political correctness in word and deed. (source)

Caliphate Conference

Caliphate Convention Set to Take the Netherlands by Storm

The caliphate will last “for as long as Allah wills…”   Read More »

Bin Laden’s Death Inspires Southeast Asian Al Qaeda Devotees to Fight Against the West

The Asian version of jihad.   Read More »

“Restive” Thailand

Anti-Buddhist Thai ‘Insurgency’ Exceeds Death Toll of 30-Year Northern Ireland Conflict…

The number of violent incidents, mostly gunfire and bombs, averaged about 70 a month from January to May, killing an average 41 people a month, up slightly from last year. (By Reuters standards, this article is surprisingly  revealing and well researched)

Dutch Parliament Approves Controversial Ban on Religious Animal Slaughter

“Religious freedom cannot be unlimited.”   Read More »

Mohammedan shysters? You ain’t seen nothing yet:

Netherlands: Lawyers’ union wants more “minority lawyers

Even though law is a popular subject among Dutch students with a Moroccan or Turkish background, law firms have remained ‘white bastions’ the organisation says. Ethnic minority law graduates tend to work for the government or as legal aids.

“Mixed Reactions”– in Austria

Austria: New draft bill against hate preachers

People who incite others to carry out terrorist acts should go to jail. The interior minister explained the new set of measures meant that someone who approved terror attacks in front of at least 30 people faces a prison term of two years from 2012.   (source)

Thanks to the Blaze,  PI,  Jihad Watch, Islam in Europe & the Independent

3 thoughts on “Today's Cultural Enrichment: Honor Killings, Robbery, Slander & Hatred”

  1. Here’s what I posted on Fatima’s site at the Independent:

    Islam is not a race and Wilders is no racist. Wilders cares. He cares for our culture and our way of life, not for the retarded cult of Islam.

    I detest Fatima for her falsehood and for flogging a dead donkey.

    Muhammad declared war on the world and forced us to defend ourselves against the Mohammedan scourge for 1400 years.

    In Islamic countries, unbelievers are being wiped out, systematically. Islam came to lay waste to the world.

    Fatima knows that.

    We have been betrayed by our respective governments for allowing mass-migration from Islamic countries to replace the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat. We have no obligation to like or accommodate those who wish us harm and seek our destruction.

    That is not disputed. The only question is now, what to do about it.

    Crawl back into your hole, Fatima.

    One more thing:

    As I have a G-d given right to love, so do I have a right to hate those who came to take everything I love away from me.

    Islam delenda est!

    I don’t know if they leave it, but it was posted 3 hours ago and its still there, which is amazing!

  2. The judge says Geert Wilders is NO “MURDERER” (in real racist)

    But the coward quislings mainstream media
    still call him a “MURDEER” (racist) BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO COUNTER-ARGUMENT(S)


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