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An indictment. This has to be read to be believed.

The UN: Stranger than Fiction

by Giulio Meotti

The Canadian columnist Mark Steyn writes that “if you take a quart of ice-cream and a quart of dog feces and mix ‘em together the result will taste more like the latter than the former. That’s the problem with the UN”.

This distasteful image is easily explained. In 2004, 13 states out of a total of 53 of the failed UN Commission on Human Rights were “not free” or “partly free”, according to Freedom House. Today these nasty states are 21 in the “renewed” UN Human Rights Council.

On the other hand, in September, it could be possible that the State of Israel will be declared an illegal occupier of Judea and Samaria.

If the UN management of former Secretary General Kofi Annan was marked by corruption, nepotism and political irresponsibility, the leadership of Ban Ki-moon is perhaps even worse.

Several weeks ago, the U.S. Congress cut 400 million dollars from its annual contribution to the UN.

Oh, yes, about corruption, Ban Ki-moon has been indicted by senior officials of his own organization. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, a former head of the fight against corruption at the UN, wrote in a memo that the management by the UN Secretary General is “reprehensible” and his actions are “unprecedented”.

An Italian apparatchik, Francesco Bastagli, wrote for the magazine The New Republic an essay entitled “Justice Undone”. Bastagli was the African envoy for Kofi Annan: “After I resigned, I watched as the new Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has taken a more political opportunist” stand than his predecessor”.

In addition to dictatorships and corruption, the UN seems united mainly by nepotism. The son of former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Kojo, was on the payroll of the company that was supposed to check the correct functioning of the Oil for Food program (the most devastating scandal in the history of the United Nations).

The new secretary’s daughter, Hyun Hee Ban, is working for Unicef, the UN agency for children. The son-in-law of the secretary, Siddarth Chatterjee, had been appointed head of UN staff in Baghdad, one of the most important roles for the United Nations. After that job, Siddarth went to leading an agency in Denmark, which manages billions. Immediately, Unicef moved his wife, the daughter of Ban Ki-moon…to Denmark.

The management of Ban Ki-moon has also been characterized by one of the worst chapters in the history of the United Nations, that of sexual violence. Three years ago, one hundred Sri Lankan “peacekeepers” were accused of abusing Haitian children. Abuses were committed by Moroccan troops in the Ivory Coast and by Indian troops in Congo.

Sex scandals involving UN peacekeepers took place in Bosnia, Kosovo, Cambodia, East Timor, Burundi and Western Africa. In Africa the locals now speak of the “peacekeeper babies”, the illegitimate children of UN soldiers.

The mission in Congo was the second largest UN peacekeeping mission. Rape, pedophilia and prostitution are the accusations against the UN. The minors were lured by a dollar. These girls are known as “one dollar baby”.

In the past, with all the regimes that do not respect human rights, it was the United States that was excluded from the Human Rights Commission (2002). It was accepted that Libya assumed the presidency (2003), that Sudan was a member (2004) and Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Zimbabwe decided on the human rights violations (2005). While the Western coalition was embarking in the Libyan war under the aegis of the UN, at the United Nations, the expert on mercenaries was Mrs. Najat Hajjaji, the Libyan apparatchik of Colonel Qaddafi, who is making great use of mercenaries in the Libyan war.

Under the wise leadership of Ban Ki-moon, the regime of Sudan, that in Darfur has used hunger as a weapon of mass murder of Christians and animists, became vice president of the World Food Program and joined the Executive Board of the Agency for Refugees.

It also happened that China, Kazakhstan, Libya and Iran, with their controlled media, topped the Commission on information.

The biggest shareholder of the UN is Iran, which under the management of Ban Ki-moon has brilliantly used the United Nations agencies to circumvent any diplomatic isolation. The United Nations has awarded Tehran the title “global capital for philosophy”, and Iran actually is littered with philosophers and thinkers imprisoned or forced into exile.

Tehran has just become part of the Committee on the status of women, although the Iranian regime is one of the most segregationist in the world towards the female sex. There is an Iranian on the Fund for Population Activities and the Development Fund for Women.

Although there is evidence of chemical weapons trafficking from Iran to Hizbullah, Tehran throughout 2011 will be vice president of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Tehran is also on the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: pretty good for a country that is a world leader in executions.

Iran has joined the executive board of Unicef, despite the fact that Tehran holds the record for hangings of minors. Iran is in the Commission for Science, Technology and Development and the Committee for the “peaceful use of space”. Iran sits also in the Agency for Refugees, the Environment Programme and Programme for Human Settlements.

To understand the UN’s degradation one has to see the awards. One bears the name of the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who promoted a UN fund named in his honor and dedicated to science. The UN philanthropist is known as “the worst dictator in Africa, worse than Mugabe”.

The United Nations Public Service Award of 2010 has been assigned to the Lebanese Interior Ministry, a bastion of power of the pro-Iranian militia Hizbullah.

Under the mandate of Ban Ki-moon, Durban has become the omen of the worst ideological bias of the UN. In September, near the tenth anniversary of the massacre of 11 September, Ban Ki-moon will host “Durban III”, the remake of the festival of Jew-hatred celebrated in South Africa in 2001. Those were the days just before the attack on the Twin Towers. Never was a hate scenario better laid. Durban was the premise to Ground Zero.

Jews wearing kippahs had to protect themselves against the demonstrators touting portraits of Bin Laden and hounding the Jews. The Jewish centers in the city were stormed and closed and the press conference of the Israeli delegation was violently assaulted and interrupted. Israel was compared to Nazism and accused of apartheid in order to claim, particularly as in South Africa, its lack of legitimacy.

The greatest indictment of the UN against Israel is demolished by an incredible recanting of his own author. This is Richard Goldstone, the South African judge who has just reneged his own diabolical report on the war in Gaza.

The resolution “Combating Defamation of Religions”, approved by the UN, is the most lethal instrument of suppression of freedom of expression and the greatest achievement of the Organization of Islamic Conference, that under Ban Ki-moon became the most powerful bloc of voters in the global forum.

But there is more.  The greatest blemish of Ban Ki-moon’s leadership remains Darfur, the scene of the worst massive massacre since Rwanda. Not only the UN has been unable to call it “genocide”, but Ban Ki-moon. on June 16, 2007, gave this memorable explanation of the 400,000 deaths by the hordes of Arab guerrillas who have destroyed villages, wells, plantations, farms and butchered families, raped women, abused children and girls to sell them as slaves: “The conflict in Darfur is part of global warming”, he pronounced.

Herein lies the summary of the tragedy named United Nations: explaining the mass graves as the advance of the desert.

More on this story. “IDF rebuffs ‘Naksa’ rioters trying to cross Syrian border,” by Yaakov Lappin and Herb Keinon for the Jerusalem Post, June 6:

U.N. chief  Ban Ki Moonbat calls for restraint from “both sides” after attempted invasion of Israel from Syria, extends condolences to families of “victims”

It would appear Ban Ki-Moon has only read the headlines — largely skewed to portray Israel firing on harmless “protesters” — and not any of the specifics of yesterday’s incidents. The would-be invaders were bused in from Damascus’ suburbs, and one report mentioned below alleges they were paid and promised a bigger payout to their families if they were killed. They charged the border with Molotov cocktails, and set off land mines when they ran into a minefield — on the Syrian side, according to this report. And when the IDF held fire to allow the wounded to be treated, the mob took advantage of the situation to try to gain more ground, trying to cut the barbed wire border fence.

Israel already showed “maximum restraint” against the other side, which showed none. The attackers get condolences, while Israel is scolded for defending itself. “UN head airs ‘deep concern’ over Naksa Day border clashes,” from the Jerusalem Post, June 6:

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday expressed “deep concern” over Naksa Day clashes that took place between IDF soldiers and pro-Palestinian protesters attempting to infiltrate Israel’s borders on Sunday, AFP reported. He called on all parties involved in the Israeli-Arab conflict to exercise “maximum restraint.”

“The secretary-general regrets the loss of life, and extends his condolences to the families of the victims,” said a statement by Ban’s spokesman. Syria claimed 23 activists were killed, and 350 were wounded, in the clashes to commemorate the Palestinian “Naksa,” or “setback” of the 1967 Six-Day War on Sunday, although the numbers could not be verified. The IDF rejected the reports of 23 deaths as “exaggerated,” Army Radio reported on Monday.

Ban condemned “the use of violence and all actions intended to provoke violence,” in the statement. “The events of today and of 15 May on the Golan put the long-held cease-fire in jeopardy,” the statement warned, referencing last month’s Nakba Day protests, which reportedly left 14 infiltrators on the Lebanese and Syrian borders dead. “The secretary-general calls for maximum restraint on all sides and strict observance of international humanitarian law to ensure protection of civilians.”

Earlier on Monday, Israel Radio reported that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman plans to file a complaint with the United Nations against Syria for its use of Palestinian demonstrators to challenge Israel’s sovereignty.

A government official stated that it was clear the Syrian government gave the green light for the protesters to move toward the border. […]

The Reform Syria opposition website said on Sunday that the “Naksa” protesters were poor farmers who were paid $1,000 by the Syrian regime to come to the border. The source also claimed that Syria has promised $10,000 to the families of anyone killed.

More on the protesters’ conduct: “IDF: Protesters caused their own deaths,” by Hanan Greenberg for YNet News, June 6:

The IDF said Monday morning that many of the Syrian protesters who stormed the border fence and Quneitra crossing in honor of ‘Naksa Day’ were responsible for their own deaths by igniting mine fields on the border.

Meanwhile the army also announced at around 11:30 am that although the border demonstration had ended by late Sunday night, many were gathering once again in an area nearby. No violence was reported.

The Associated Press reported that Syrian police are preventing pro-Palestinian marchers from approaching the border. The report says police have set up a pair of checkpoints near the border and security forces have been telling people not to cross and sending them away.

Responding to Sunday’s violence, IDF sources said the protesters who ignited minefields on ‘Naksa Day’ did not bring fire extinguishers with them and thus posed a danger to themselves and others by behaving irresponsibly. Others threw firebombs near Quneitra crossing to the same effect, they said.

The sources are also assuming that many protesters were hurt or killed as a result of the Red Cross’s inability to reach them, due to protesters’ refusal to cease violence in order to allow for medical evacuations.

IDF officials say commanders ordered three ceasefires, each of which were taken advantage of by the protesters in order to gain ground…


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