The Children, the children….

Islamic clerics loudly call for killing our children while our enlightened progressives have their knickers in a twist over some Muselmanic kids who are not only pawns in the great game of Islamization, but for the most part lie about their age to get preferential entry and release into the community. Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK

Children coerced by Taliban to attack

KABUL: The Taliban are recruiting a growing number of children as suicide bombers as NATO steps up its war against the insurgents. In some of the country’s most restive provinces, the Taliban are resorting to threats, inducement and deceit in order to send children to their deaths against US and Afghan targets.

A 14-year-old boy has explained how he came close to blowing himself up at a US military base two weeks ago. The Taliban gave Noor Mohammad a simple choice – either they would cut off his hand for stealing or he could redeem himself and bring glory on his family by becoming a suicide bomber.   Read more: (SMH)

A shocking rise in female foeticide, especially in Kashmir has set off alarm bells in India. The article focuses on the traditional dowry that muslim fathers have to pay to marry a girl off. The much more probable cause is that the imams insist on breeding soldiers to make allah’s religion dominant over all others.

Kashmir’s ‘missing girls’

SRINAGAR, India: India’s only Muslim-majority state is seizing ultrasound scanners and enlisting religious leaders in an effort to save unborn baby girls from a shocking rise in female foeticide.

The issue has united politicians, clerics and social activists in Jammu and Kashmir, a state best known for the deep, blood-stained divides caused by a 20-year-old Muslim separatist insurgency against Indian rule.

Provisional 2011 census data released at the end of March painted a bleak picture of India’s gender imbalance, with a national child sex ratio of just 914 females to 1,000 males, the lowest figure since independence in 1947.

By far the most dramatic decline was in Jammu and Kashmir, where the ratio plunged to 859 girls for every 1,000 boys in the 0-6 age group, down by 82 points from 10 years ago. (source)

Reality check:

Egypt: Reports of “surge in disappearances of Coptic girls”

21 and counting:

Again, what better subterfuge is there than to accuse your enemy of what you yourself have engaged in for years? And the fabricated stories of Muslim women (or alleged converts to Islam) being abducted by Christians in Egypt have indeed provided a handy cover for a new string of disappearances.

Abductions of Christian girls are nothing new, as Coptic Pope Shenouda III observed even in 1976 that “there is a practice to convert Coptic girls to embrace Islam and marry them under terror to Muslim husbands.” And our own archives are full of over seven years of such reports. Meanwhile, the world looks the other way, or now pleads, “but, but… Tahrir Square!”

Wishful thinking in Western think tanks and governments won’t un-abduct these girls and women. As Islamic groups — “Salafis” and others — are emboldened by the lack of challenges they have encountered in the wake of the revolution, there will only be more stories like this. “No Going Back for Egypt’s Converted Copts,” by Angela Shanahan forThe Australian, May 20:

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