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An update from this:

It’s official –Al Hilaly is a Muslim Brotherhood mole in OZ

Please do send al-Hilali to Libya!

And do not forget to send a letter to Gaddafi telling him that the good sheikh is part of Muslim Brotherhood, and is set to replace ALL independent Muslim states with one happy Khalifa.

This would make Gadaffi more appreciative of al-Hialy’s services, wouldn’t it?

CONTROVERSIAL Sheik Taj el-Dene Elhilaly offered himself as a special peace envoy to Libya at a top level meeting with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

Also, as it was predicted by some of our readers, al-Hilali’s recent trip to Iran was just a bit of misunderstanding and definitely it was taken out of context (according to Keysar Trad).

Trad said he was unsure if the sheik supported the Muslim Brotherhood: “It would be abnormal for him not to have some role on the transition from dictatorship to democracy (in Egypt).”

Interest in the sheik’s Middle East trip was sparked after a photograph emerged of him with a delegation from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, hosted by fundamentalist Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Tehran.

Mr Trad said it was likely the sheik was representing a sectarian religious committee, not the Brotherhood.(source/both links via Islamist Monitor)

So why would the Sheik be ashamed to acknowledge his membership of the MB?


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  1. We must petition the Department of Foreign Affairs to bar Catmeat Kaliph entry back into Australia…but of course it was the LABOUR dills, Keating and Hawke who approved him citizenship against the advice of the top intelligence at the time

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