French Fries are Veggies Too

Bitter Half Lectures South Africans

Match made in heaven:

Living, breathing something:


Too busy  for the job:

Blame the O’Turd:

AFGHAN WOMEN Fear Obama’s Peace Talks & Return of the Taliban

Is this the face of victory in Afghanistan? (Picture of the week from the ROP)

Jihad offerings:

Islam Rears Its Ugly Head in Australia

“The bearded men who chanted ‘Allah akbar’ as they marched roughshod on cameramen weren’t behaving normally. Their theatrics were a declaration of war – on Australia, on the media, on police.” (Herald Sun)

2 thoughts on “French Fries are Veggies Too”

  1. In a lot of photos Michelle Obama looks like a smug lazy Wookiee.
    I wonder if Barry calls her “Chewie”?
    As in:”Put some shoes on for God-sakes,Chewie! This is a black-tie event!”
    Or:”So what’s better,Chewie,a ride in the Millennium Falcon or a ride in the Oval Office?”
    And:”Hey,Chewbacca,what’s up with the Wookiee thing?”

  2. The knives are out ! ‘The Obamas’ by Jodi Kantor, will tell us what we already know…Just in time for 2012.

    Revealed: first lady’s feuds and frustration | Philip Sherwell | January 9, 2012
    ‘She may appear a charming, fashionable and diplomatic first lady, steadfastly supporting her husband’s administration with a series of uncontroversial initiatives.
    But while the White House machine likes to portray images of Michelle Obama tending her organic vegetable garden or visiting the families of servicemen posted overseas, behind the scenes she has repeatedly clashed with the President’s top aides – with rows over everything from tactics on healthcare reform to her taste in designer clothes.
    According to a much-anticipated book, after the election in 2008, Barack Obama’s White House was plagued by feuds as his wife fought a pitched battle for what she perceived was the heart and soul of his presidency against his more pragmatic advisers – and she succeeded in part.
    Mrs Obama was allegedly told she could not spend heavily on designer outfits.

    Read more:

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