From Perp to Victimhood in 5 Seconds

You knew this was coming: Arrested jihadists’ families and friends shocked!

One of the most interesting parts of this story, another case of “decent fellows” somehow gone wrong, is in the middle of the report. One defendant was apparently seeking a second wife on a “Muslim dating site.” Under Islamic law, a man can have up to 4 wives. Under U.S. law, a man can have exactly one. The location and ownership of the dating site and the prevalence of its use (as well as that of similar sites) in this country for this purpose is well worth further investigation.

An update on this story. “Muslims at suspect’s mosque shocked to learn of terror plot,” from MSNBC, June 24

Seattle Terror Suspect’s Wife Collapses During Emotional Interview

The wife of suspected terror plotter Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif spoke out about the charges against her husband and tried to paint the picture that he was a “perfect Muslim.” But when the reporter questioning her asked about the possibility of spending life behind bars, she collapsed to the ground in a flood of emotions.

You can watch the reaction of Binta Moussa-Davis, the wife, starting at about the three-minute mark…..

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3 thoughts on “From Perp to Victimhood in 5 Seconds”

  1. “thats horrible, we cant kill innocent people” – accused muslim’s wife.

    perhaps shes saying:
    1. Innocent people are only muslims
    2. But we (muslims) can kill non innocent people
    3. Husband is a perfect muslim

    makes sense right ?

  2. Binta Moussa-Davis’ remarks…she isn’t even a good actress.

    This Muslima knew what he was up to all along. She probably helped him load up his ammo. I can hear her saying “Allahu-Akbar, what you are doing is a shining example in Allah’s eyes and that of the prophet. Now go and become a good martyr, Abu. I will be blessed with martyr’s spousal settlement… Do not worry about me. You are my hero!”

  3. Al Kidya…you are hilarious…. thats probably right! The little son is possibly getting his suicide vest fitting in preparation for his big day , to follow daddy’s shining example…lol

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