Impotent Muslim Rage at Ann Barnhardt

Propaganda that displays impotent rage at an enemy is worse than no propaganda at all.

by Bill Levinson

The Islamic world has finally struck back at Ann Barnhardt with this YouTube video. IslamoBeavis stands in the background while his partner IslamoButthead displays the bottom of his foot with “USA” and a four-letter expletive written on it. These two mighty Islamic warriors then go on to draw heavy eyebrows, a beard, and devil’s horns on a picture of Ann Barnhardt. This underscores the fact that, when Islam is confronted with truth and factual arguments, it can do no more than scream like a petulant child who can’t get his way.

There is sometimes a place for propaganda that mocks the enemy but one must always think about how the enemy can turn our propaganda against us. As an example, the Nazis published leaflets for Germans that showed what would happen to blonde German women if Negro soldiers got their hands on them. Russian soldiers were actually a far…

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5 thoughts on “Impotent Muslim Rage at Ann Barnhardt”

  1. Well maybe we should applaud them. They have managed to protest without beheading anyone or having a firefight with Ann B. (Ann B has a bright pink weapon with love hearts on it, and she is going to use it as well, it threatened.) Do a Google Images search with keywords “Jihad works both ways” to see a picture of it.

  2. Well she stood up and gave her address. Pity these gutless bastards don’t do the same thing hey.

    But then again like all heroic Muslim males hide when you don’t have the upper hand.

  3. Boy, you islamist scum are such gutless bastards!!!! Islamists are even beyond contempt.

  4. hilarious…but you can’t insult them by saying that…as hapless as the spiritual nature of their totalitarian ideology…empty like their hearts and souls, if they have one

  5. Well said John – however I suspect that the fine language is wasted on muslim readers.

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