Genocidal Arab Jew-hatred Meets Tony BLiar's Delusions of Grandeur

“Allah has warned us the tricks of the Jews, and their role in igniting the fire of wars”

Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism go hand-in-hand in the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology, as demonstrated in a recent speech by the group’s leader Mohamed Badie. To Badie, the current problems in the Middle East have historical roots in a Jewish conspiracy, coupled with Masonic and American/Western elements.

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Turkey: Erdogan says his victory is a victory for Gaza, Palestine, and “al-Quds”

All(-ah) will be well in “secular, democratic” Turkey. (Under Islam of course)

Turkish secularism, and its onetime reasonably cordial friendship with Israel, on the ropes. “Overwhelming victory of Erdogan’s party in the parliamentary elections in Turkey,” by Sandeep for Pisqa, June 13 (thanks to JW):

The party emerged from the Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan won a landslide victory in Sunday’s parliamentary Turkey, ensuring a third consecutive term, after the counting of nearly all ballots. (More)

Hezbollah-led coalition has majority in new cabinet; PM Najib Mikati says new gov’t committed to “liberating lands under Israeli occupation.”

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BEIRUT - Lebanon’s Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced on Monday a long-delayed new government dominated by allies of Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which is likely to cause alarm among Western powers. (Nothing will alarm these poptarts unless their own asses are on the line…)

Delusions of Grandeur by Euro Nightmare Tony BLiar:

The last thing EUrabia needs is this airhead at the helm of 400 million people: a further demonstration of just how far removed Tony Blair is from political reality and public opinion in the UK, but that’s never stopped him before.

Tony Blair’s vision for a European superstate is a nightmare for anyone who cares about Britain’s future as a free country governed by its own elected representatives, and must be actively fought by this government and the next, as well as by generations to come. As Lady Thatcher remarked in her final book Statecraft, “that such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European superstate was ever embarked upon will seem in future years to be perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.” How right she was, and Blair’s interview today only serves to reinforce the importance of that message.

But hey, not to worry: Tony Bliar Reads His Quran ‘Every Day”…

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  1. Tony Blair is a phony and liar. There is no way an honest reasonably intelligent man can read (and understand) the Koran as ‘enlightening’ and ‘advanced’. I think he is a liar and a total phony. I have zero respect for him.

  2. John,
    You only need to examine the political records pertaining to the time that Blair was PM to see that, at best, he cannot be trusted. The quran advanced ??!!!!— every day is April the first.

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