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New Video: Minutes After Muslims Under 50 Allowed to Participate in the Friday Prayers They Throw Rocks at Jewish Worshipers Praying at the Western Wall World

The Hamas Problem

So How’s That Hamas/Fatah Alliance Going?

“Hamas will not agree…”  Read More »

From the Elder:

Arab countries haven’t paid the PA a dime this year From MEMRI:

Palestinian Authority Accountant General Yousef Al-Zumor said that the PA is having difficulties paying its employees because Arab countries are not transferring the financial aid they promised.

Galloway finally says it explicitly: He wants Israel to be destroyed

He is explicit that his idea of “peace” means that Israel no longer exists and that “Palestine” takes over all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan: Transcript from MEMRI

The Globe and Mail has a Q&A with Ahmed Yousef, Hamas spokesman for the West.

The humanitarian crisis of Gaza’s Palm Village Resort. The horror!

You may think you’ve seen deprivation in Gaza. You might think you have seen thedepths of the humanitarian crisis there. But I must warn you….it gets even  worse than you could ever imagine.

Warning: the following pictures may shock and sicken you.
I bring you Gaza’s Palm Village Resort

Far more anti-semitism in Norway schools than “Islamophobia”

And Muslims downplay the anti-semitism.

From The Foreigner (Norway)

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  1. George Galloway knows all about irrational illogical hatred after all he’s a Jock its what they do. Ask any Jock what they think about England and the English then stand back and watch the bile pour out.

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