Litigation Jihad

The Fight for the Freedom Sack

Muslims Use British Money to Fight French Burqa Ban…

British taxpayers are paying for a French Muslim couple to challenge their country’s controversial burkha ban.

The unnamed husband and wife claim they were forced to move to Britain after the introduction of the law banning the burkha in public.

And they are using the freely accessible Britain’s Immigration Advisory Service, which receives £15 million a year in taxpayers’ cash, to try and overturn the law at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

They are claiming for £10,000 damages because they say the ‘unnecessary, disproportionate and unlawful’ ban breaches their right to free movement across the European Union.


Will the Muselmanic Grievance Theater Never End?

Muslim sues Catholic diocese: she had to take a lunch break during Ramadan

More courtroom jihad and victimhood mongering. A lunch break during Ramadan! Break out the thumbscrews! Probably the diocese was required by law to make sure she took a lunch break. Only a Muslim well versed in the victimhood game that Hamas-linked CAIR and others play so frequently would turn that into an insult. “Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Diocese Of Allentown: Woman Claims She Was Fired For Being A Muslim,” by Kyle Andersen for WFMZ-TV, June 9 (thanks to JW: Muslim sues Catholic diocese)

“Adorable Muslim Boyz”

A WOMAN who claims to have endured vile sexual taunts and violence at the hands of an ‘adored’ co-worker has been awarded a controversial pay-out that has stunned the Aston Clinton community. (source)

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  1. Send the scum to France, and remove the permission of the musilms lawyer who is assisting tin this rip of to practise law!!!

  2. People. write to the government about the Britain’s Immigration Advisory Service who are wasting YOUR money on this muslim frivolity.

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