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Can we abort the Goracle instead?

Obama’s ‘Fisting Czar’ hits the skids:

Holder on Mushrooms:

Last week, Holder defended his methodology toward terrorist trials, calling Lawyers “our most effective terror-fighting weapon.”

Glenn Beck is right:

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“Libya is better”

Motherly Love:

Why  wrong?

Update: Police Question Pakistani Girl’s Suicide Vest Story

“Initial police reports of security incidents in Pakistan are sometimes wrong.”   Read More »

Are you ready for a world dominated by Islamic law?

On July 9, the international political group Hizb ut-Tahrir will meet for the “UK Khilafah Conference” in London. During the gathering, meetings will focus upon ways in which a caliphate can be instituted. As The Blaze explained back in February, a caliphate is an Islamic state that draws its authority from, and is based upon, Sharia law.

“You can never trust a Muslim”

AN Asian community worker who was told by a colleague “You can never trust a Muslim” had his claims for racial discrimination in the workplace thrown out.

Tingles, a bitch you can trust:

Pelousi Watch


Hizb ut-Tahrir, which stands for the “Party of Liberation” in English, is an international political organization that seeks one, unified Muslim state that is dominated by Muslim law. This particular group stands firmly planted against the United States, accusing the Super Power of colonization, among other offenses.

Additionally, the group would like to see Israel, which it deems “illegal,” be dismantled. Below, you can see a graphic that the group is using to promote the conference:  (The Blaze)