Mental Mush From a Totalitarian Tush

Sydney Moonbat Herald’s resident Psycho Elizabeth Farrelly demands the censorship that should scare her (Andrew Bolt)

I’ve never called for the censoring of Elizabeth Farrelly, even when this Sydney Morning Herald journalist peddles utterly baseless scares such as this:

Burning coal is burning coal; it puts carbon in the air, and that may stop the Gulf Stream, dead, within the decade.

I’ve never demanded she be silenced, even when she writes bigoted drivel like this:

Christianity, one of the world’s most violent and progressivist religions, is usually seen as justifying human dominance; the world created for our use, and all that.

I’ve never asked that she be stripped of her right to speak, even when she licenses race-based hatreds, like this:

But personally, I’m mystified that any Aboriginal person harbours anything but the most violent of hatreds towards whites.

I’ve never suggested the authorities take away her licence to opine, even when she praises dictatorships like this:

Whether non-democracies such as China will negotiate the rapids of the coming century more adroitly remains to be seen. Certainly, freed from any need to pander to the 80/80 rule, they have at least one freedom Western-style democracies do not have – the freedom to act decisively.

I haven’t even asked for Farrelly to be sacked for fostering the most arrogant class-envy like this:

Which is to say, we’ve built a society where education and wealth have become so estranged tha tthose who can afford beachfronts or architects, and especially both at once, are unlikely to have anything much in the way of tastebuds.

Nor do I demand Farrelly be driven out of town for sheer silliness or religious extremism like this:

So now, as we stand victorious astride Gaia’s limp and bloodied form, feeling for a pulse, now is the moment to ask; is there another way?

What a shame, then, that Farrelly cannot extend the same tolerance that protects her to those with whom she she disagrees:

Take Alan Jones. Though it pains me to say it, he is forcing me to change my mind. Not on climate change, or cycling, or the right to public protest, all of which he opposes, but on censorship…

You don’t have to look far to see what happens without logic’s civilising structures; it’s the cultural equivalent of those Indonesian abattoirs. Yet this is where shock jocks are coming from and where, if they had their way, they would take us, forcing me to wonder whether censorship mightn’t be reasonable after all.

I’ll say it again: the Left is the natural home of the closet totalitarian.

Not. The left is the home of totalitarian loons!


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  1. Farrelly is the epitome of the baby boomer commie apologist. So consumed with self hatred and deluded guilt regarding white civilization. Thank god this sickening generation of leftist self loathers will be silenced in a decade or two when engulfed in Alzheimers. Mind you, it will be impossible to distinguish these senile rants from the garbage they are spouting today…

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