Who's Insulting Whom?

He allegedly “called the Prophet Mohammed a terrorist.”

“I have been made victorious with terror…” — Muhammad (Bukhari 4.52.220)

You can tell they’re moderates in Dubai because they didn’t simply murder this tourist.

An update on this story. “British tourist fined for insulting Islam in shop,” by Awad Mustafa in The National, June 10 via JW.

“you will die for what we believe”….

Bridges to Babylon

Stephanie Gardiner/SMH (h/t Mullah)

Vandals have interfered with another of the provocative billboards along Sydney roads offering information propaganda about Islam, but organisers say they will push on with their campaign to “build bridges”.

Islamic group MyPeace paid for three billboards with varying messages, including “Jesus: A Prophet of Islam”, to be posted along busy roads in Rozelle, Darlinghurst and Rosehill.

MyPeace founder, Diaa Mohamed, said he hoped to replace the billboard on Victoria Road, Rozelle, which was torn soon after it was put up late last month.

Since then, vandals have damaged a light box next to the billboard on James Ruse Drive, Rosehill, so the sign cannot be illuminated at night, Mr Mohamed said.

The message on the Rosehill billboard reads: “Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad: Prophets of Islam”.

The series of billboards display a telephone number to get more information about Islam or a free copy of the Koran and other literature.

Mr Mohamed said that, while most feedback has been positive, some of the calls MyPeace received were very angry, with members of the public calling to say the vandalism would continue and organisers should “go back to your own country”.

“The vast majority of people have been supportive and encouraging, but the negative, it’s not only negative, it’s actually disturbingly negative,” he said.

“It’s not even ‘we don’t agree with what you’re doing’. It’s more hateful than anything.”

The campaign attracted criticism from a Sydney Catholic Bishop, Julian Porteous, who said it was provocative and offensive.

The Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Rob Forsyth, said calling Jesus a prophet of Islam was “complete nonsense”, but he would defend the group’s right to say it.

Mr Mohamed said he had received plenty of supportive calls from priests from varying denominations.

MyPeace will continue its campaign with more billboards going up next month and plans for television and radio advertising, he said.

“The hate that some people have towards Islam and Muslims, it’s dangerous almost, that that even exists.

Who would have thought that this hateful, murderous blood-cult is allowed to advertise falsehood even after Bali 1 & 2,   after 18.000 terrorist attacks since 9/11?

“So we’ll keep going and address it.”

“We’ve been accused of trying to convert people to Islam and all that sort of stuff. If this was a campaign to do that, I would say it openly.

“This particular campaign was just to build bridges and extend a hand.”

Yes of course. Its not that Islam wants “to convert people and all that stuff”. Mohamed wouldn’t lie to you, he just wants to build  a bridge of no return.

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  1. Wonder what the response to a billboard stating “Jesus, Son of God” in the Middle East. Would imagine a large pile of Christian bodies!

  2. URGENT: needs exposition: islamist conference in australia‏

    Hi guys,

    I write to you from AUstralia where there are interesting developments.

    Have you heard of the Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir? they call for a caliphate in the middle east and they are holding one of their big conferences here in australia in a few weeks’ time.

    This is their trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToX_4iJCQl4

    they make use of some of the biggest sites in our capital – canberra….

    i think they have been in the news a fair bit in the USA last year.

    anyway interestingly they characterise the middle east revolutions as a “step on the way to a caliphate” – a multinational islamic state… :S at first i thought the uprisings were a call for democracy. but to be honest the way things are goiing in yemen…


    ^ their website.

    anyway, there will probably be a furore around this… in the media etc, as there shuold be. but the media usually leaves this to the last minute. awareness about their activities should be higher so people know precisely whats going on in parts of their own country.

    one of our websites here in AUstralia is carrying an entry for this….. you can check it out here:

    Say no to a Caliphate in Australia, say no to Shari’a in Australia! A vigil against Hizb ut-Tahrir (2011)




  3. life cannot oulast me
    death cannot consume me


    “Jesus and Muhammad compared”

    Isa ist the son of Marry (The Cow 2:253)
    Jesus is the son of God (John 1, 49)

    Isa is a prothet (Q. 5:75)
    Jesus is the Lord of the prophets (Matthew 22, 45, Luke 2, 11, Philippians 2:5-11)

    Isa is a creation (Q. 3:59)
    Jesus is the creator (John 1, 3)

    Isa had not taste the death, because God has taken him into heaven (Q. Women 4:157)
    Jesus tasted the death for all of us (Hebrew 2, 9)

  4. one could try the mirror tactic on them:

    1. Muslims say that Jesus was not God
    2. Christians say that Muhammed was not a prophet
    (actually he was a used camel salesman – who married his boss).

    If 2. is considered blasphemy – or hate speach- of offensive – why isn’t 1.?

    God, I am so glad I an atheist.

  5. l wonder if any council would allow a billboard that read “Mohammed, pedophile Of Islam”. l highly doubt it….

  6. gsw: Why do you address God when you state you are an atheist?
    Just askin’ … ( I believe in Freudian slips.)

  7. Anyone interested in understanding how muslims view Jesus (and the role he plays in Islamic end time eschatology) must read Joel Richardson’s book The Islamic Antichrist. It is quite fascinating. But like just about everything else Muslims engage in taqqiya when discussing Jesus…they want us infidels to believe the Jesus they worship is the same Jesus Christians worship. From a DNA perspective perhaps, but that’s where the similarity ends. First, as another poster noted, muslims do not believe Jesus is the son of God nor do they believe in the trinity or the resurrection…since these are the cornerstones of the Christian faith the next time a muslim tells you they believe in Jesus too, feel free to tell them that their full of S@!t.

    By the way, a muslim outfitter I stumbled upon on the web sells a t-shirt that says Muslims believe in Jesus too

    But hey, I guess it’s all good!

  8. Time to start singling out perpetrators of signs like this for personalized treatment.

    We need to start a database on these people, family, phone numbers, contacts, car details, friends, everything. divide and conqueror. sort of like an anti islamic CRA file.

    Deal with them like Suharto dealt with like darul islam, missing in the morning, maybe ran away to Malaysia, maybe chook meal, lots of uncertainty.

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