Mosque Busters

This is the best news I’ve heard for a long time:

Mosque Busting: English vs. American Styles (GoV)

Gavin Boby is a British barrister. He has a new website and a brilliant idea: he is offering to work pro bono for anyone wishing to fight the erection of a mosque anywhere in England.

If you live in England and are concerned about the possibility of having to cope with yet another Islamic political center in your neighborhood, express your concerns by contacting your local planning council to ascertain what’s in the pipeline. If it should turn out to be the case that they’re considering yet another request to build yet another mosque, then contact Mr. Boby. 

Note: It is important that he receive your request early enough in the process to be able to act on it. All he needs from you is the planning council’s information.

Below is Mr. Boby’s video discussing the particulars of his idea. The sound quality isn’t great but the meaning of his mission statement is clear. This is a man with a plan; the man is courageous and the plan is simple and stunningly courageous. Listen particularly at ~7.00 minutes in, where he describes “the original mosque” and the purpose of any mosque anywhere in the world. Here, he defines the wordmosque for us.

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