"Muslim imams never sexually abuse children”- really?

Muslims love to criticize non-Muslims for violence and sexual abuse scandals in their faiths, yet refuse to acknowledge the many instances of violence and sexual abuse occurring in Islam, starting with their paedophile prophet Muhammad.

Barenaked takes a closer look.

Here’s what  the sheik witnessed when he traveled through these parts many years ago:

From Anatolia onwards, into Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, every truck driver has ‘his’ boy. These boys grow up to be truck drivers who then… have little boys. Around most mosques you find madrassas, where children are being indoctrinated with the poison of Islam. Many of these kids are the sex toys of the imams.

Islam was Born Out of Child Abuse and Rape (here, fearless Hamas fighters “marry” 500 little girls, many dressed up like whores for  their big day. And no, they are not “flower girls”)

Most of the Islamic clerics are pedophiles and child buggers.

But don’t take my word for it: here Islamic clerics discuss the child abuse of the  late imam Khomeini,  documented by his bodyguard, who slept in the next room while the Ayatollah raped a 4-year old child:

Here’s a recent report from two clueless CNN reporters with the imam from the ‘Red Mosque’, the guy who tried to escape under a burqa when his mosque was besieged two years ago. This guy can chose from a 1000 boys in his madrassas, and he told the reporters that the boy he had with him that day was his ‘adopted son’.

Unfortunately, adoption is forbidden in Islam, ever since Muhammad screwed Zainab, the wife of his adopted son.

Note the complete failure of the CNN journo’s to connect the dots:

“As he feeds rice to his five-year-old adopted son”-

This boy is not his ‘adopted son’, this is ‘his’ boy, his Bacha Bazi boy, his sexual toy.

First of all, there is no custom of adoption in Islam, but there is a custom in that part of the world to keep a young boy for sexual pleasures. Every truck driver has one. Every respectable Taliban has one.

Are these guys really this thick and clueless? Or are they deliberately avoiding to tell their readers the ugly truth?

Adoption in Islam:

Islam prohibits adopting children. Period.

Adoption in the technical sense is not allowed in Muslim Shriah law. This is because Allah does not like this gesture of adopting orphan children. Muhammad Rushed Ridha states, “Allah prohibited adoption in Islam and annulled all the judgements pertaining to adoption.”


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  1. Nothing like , a new generation of FAKESTINIANS every 13 years! Coupled with ISLAMS 4 “wife” limit, Im suprized they (muslims) are not out producing GERBELS! In the CATTLE BIZ, this is known as a COW-CALF operation! The younger you breed them HEIFERS the more SUICIDE BOMBERS per COW ! WOW , time to cut E’m (palestinians) of the supplimental CHOW( international AID)!

    1. Why should this be of interest, ‘Carol?’

      Mohammedanism sanctions rape and pedophilia. Mohammed worshippers seek to emulate their profit who ‘married Aisha with 6 and raped her with 9.

      In other religions or cultures this is a crime.

      Do you understand that or are you doing da’awa?

      Correction: yes, after your latest post you make it clear that you are a Muslim troll. That’s why it went into the spam.

      No, there is nothing ‘Abrahamic’ in Islam. Nothing. Islam is a lie and the truth is killing it.

  2. Mohammedanism is a sect and has interpreted teachings for their misguided benefits. Also all these sects be it in Christianity,Judaism and Islam they always give some new interpretation of the Holy books. Thats why these sects and their beliefs are in the minority.

  3. Muslims Who Sheltered Jews in the Holocaust Honored

    The words of Drita Veseli, a member of a family of Albanian Muslims who sheltered Jews during World War II, express the spirit of Besa, an unconditional hospitality unmatched in the world.

    Albanian Muslims from Waterbury’s Albanian-American community were guests of honor last week at Yom HaShoah, a Holocaust Remembrance program sponsored by the Federation, Jewish Communities of Western Connecticut.

    The Holocaust: Stories of Rescue was the theme of the annual commemoration, Monday evening, April 28, at the Walzer Family Jewish Community Campus on Main Street North.

    In opening remarks before some 300 people, Dr. Daniel Goodman, interim president of The Federation, noted that this year, those gathered would not only mourn the loss of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis during World War II, but honor the compassion of men and women of other faiths who saved Jewish families by sheltering them in their own homes and in doing so, risked their own lives.

    Reminding those present that two out of every three Jews in Europe were murdered in the Holocaust, Rabbi Eric Polokoff of B’nai Israel also spoke of ”acts of courage, kindness and commitment” that marked those years, particularly among the Muslims of Albania.

    ”Here is a narrative that must be told,” he said, ”especially today,” for it confounds prejudice at a time when Muslims themselves are frequently the targets of bigotry.

    Told from the perspective of both the rescuer and the rescued, Monday evening’s program relayed story after story of Jews being hidden from the Gestapo by Muslim Albanian families.

    At the start of the war, the Jewish population of Albania numbered about 200. As persecution increased, Jews from other European countries sought refuge in Albania. By war’s end, there were some 2,000 Jews living there, making it the only nation in Europe where the Jewish population increased during those years.

    That phenomenon was largely due to the concept of Besa, a code of honor that guides Albanians. Besa means to keep the promise, to keep one’s word and includes a moral imperative to offer one’s home to protect and shelter any guest in need.

    ”Albania’s legacy of Besa is a legacy of enlightenment,” said Rabbi Polokoff, ”a legacy of civility. As Darfurians continue to face genocide, let us turn to their example. Let us speak out.”

    Following the recitation of the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer of mourning, violinists Brianna and Gabrielle Fischler played somber Hebrew melodies as Rabbi Polokoff invited Holocaust survivors to come forward to light memorial candles.

    Children of survivors came forward next, then grandchildren, rescuers and liberators, followed by representatives of the Albanian-American community and various Jewish organizations.

    Imam Qemal Lami of the Albanian American Moslem Community explained that ”in Albania, Orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews are like one family.”

    He then relayed the story of a German-born Jewish professor who escaped to the U.S. after securing a new passport in Albania.

    ”I think you should know the name of the professor,” he said. ”It was Albert Einstein.”

    Speaking on behalf of the Albanian rescuers, Arian Myrto explained how his father rescued a Jewish brother and sister after the Nazis invaded the country in 1939.

    The guests shared a room with family members, he said; they were dressed in traditional Albanian costumes and passed off as extended family.

    Representing the rescued, Dr. Anna Kohen was born in the city of Vlorë in southern Albania. After Hitler invaded Albania and the hunt for Jews began, her parents fled to the mountains and hid in a small Muslim village.

    ”Everyone in the village knew we were Jews,” she said, ”but no one betrayed us. What I remember is what my parents told me: They were very nice to us, they fed us, they saved us.

    ”I would not be here speaking to you today if not for the courage and generosity of my fellow Albanians,” she said. ”I am honored to celebrate a people’s humanity and compassion during the horror of the Holocaust. Regardless of race or religion, they restored hope in our souls.”

    Speaking through a translator, Albert Jerasi, Albania’s consulate general to New York, said that to help someone, especially to save someone’s life, is the basis for everlasting friendship.

    ”People today have many problems,” he said. ”What we need most is to love one another.”

    Keynote speaker Moredecai Paldiel spent nearly 25 years as director of the Department of the Righteous at Israel’s Yad Vashem, the organization entrusted with documenting the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust period.

    ”In most European countries, when non-Jews helped Jews, they were hiding them,” explained Dr. Paldiel. ”In Albania, in most cases, there was no need to completely hide Jews. In the villages and neighborhoods, they were known. But because of Besa, the code of honor, they were not betrayed.

    ”They were hosted – not hidden,” he emphasized. ”That’s a significant difference.”

    Dr. Paldiel called Besa a singular and unique code of honor which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

    ”When an Albanian gives his word of honor to do something,” he said, ”he is committed to do it.”

    An Albanian legend explains Besa this way: A stranger who confesses that he has murdered a man seeks refuge in a woman’s home. She agrees to harbor him.

    When it is discovered that the murdered man is the woman’s own son, she does not turn the stranger in. She has given her word that no harm would befall him.

    ”It’s a matter of affording hospitality to the distraught stranger,” said Dr. Paldiel, ”an ethic of goodness, of the sanctity of life. Is it any surprise that Mother Theresa was an Albanian?”

    The Righteous Among the Nations program is a designation bestowed upon a non-Jew who risked his or her life, freedom and safety in order to rescue one or several Jews from the threat of death or deportation to death camps.

    Since 1963, nearly 22,000 men and women from many countries and all walks of life have been so honored.

    In 1990, the first Albanian received the Righteous Among the Nations award. In 1991, when the Communist regime was overturned there, more stories came to light.

    ”So far,” Dr. Paldiel advised, ”we’ve been able to honor 65 more Albanians as Righteous Among the Nations. But that’s only a fraction. More needs to be done.

    ”We can learn from them,” he said. ”Albanians can serve as role models for all people of the world.”

    For four years, American photographer Norman Gershman photographed Muslim families who saved Jews during the Holocaust and were subsequently recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.

    His extraordinary black and white photographs depict the now-elderly rescuers, their widows and children, people like the Hoti family who sheltered a young Jewish girl for almost a year, even though the Germans occupied the lower level of their home.

    ”The people always welcomed me with fruit, candy, their national drink of raki and warmth,” wrote Mr. Gershman. ”None spoke English and none sought any compensation. They wished only to honor their family tradition and to be remembered.

    ”In turn, I gave them unadorned photographs that, I believe, reflect their simple dignity, and I thanked my Muslim hosts on behalf of the Jewish people for what they had done during World War II.”

    Accompanied by brief narratives of the rescuers, the photographs form BESA: A Code of Honor, an exhibit that traveled from Israel to the United Nations, then to Southbury from April 22 through May 2 at The Federation.

    Sazan Hoxha is photographed holding a picture of his father, Nuro, who sheltered four Jewish families.

    ”I remember my father’s words to those he took in,” Sazan told the photographer. ”Now we are one family. You won’t suffer any evil. My sons and I will defend you against peril at the cost of our lives.”

    ”Our parents were devout Muslims and believed, as we do, that ‘every knock on the door is a blessing from God,’” said brothers Hamid and Xhema Veseli. ”We never took any money from our Jewish guests. All persons are from God. Besa exists in every Albanian soul.”

    ”Our home is first God’s house, second our guest’s house, and third our family’s house,” explained Drita Veseli. ”The Koran teaches us that all people, Jews, Christians, Muslims, are under one God.”

    Dr. Paldiel, now associated with the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, invited those present to contact him with additional stories of rescue.

    ”Waterbury, with its significant Albanian population, is uniquely positioned to be able to help the Jewish Federation seek out any Albanians who might merit the Righteous designation,” said Federation Director Rob Zwang.

    ”We are hoping to piece together stories and perhaps find people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. We will be working with local Albanian leaders to try to find and honor those who practiced Besa and risked their lies to help others.”

    1. “Sharon” or “Milo”, you are off topic.

      I’ll answer you anyhow. If you do it again, you will be deleted.

      The Myth of Islamic Asylum Generosity

      Yusuf Ali 9:6:Quran- translation
      If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah. and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge.

      So what happens if the pagan doesn’t want to hear the word of allah?

      Apologists for Islam often make the claim that Muslims offered asylum, no, “saved the Jews” from the Christians. There are actually some Jews who do believe that, because they simply never bothered to read up on history. One Islamic agit prop, the pesky “Sammer” who persists in posting his drivel on Andrew Bolt’s blog, doesn’t shy away from making preposterous claims like this:

      “If it weren’t for the Muslims, the Christians would have wiped the Jews off this planet hundreds of years ago. When the Christians were skewering and grilling the Jews alive who saved them? Aside from the Muslims who absorbed them into their societies in North Africa, Sultan Bayezid took them all in and established a Jewish State in Salonica hundreds of years before the foundation of Israel.

      Muslims and Jews lived in PEACE while the Muslims protected them from extermination by the Christians. This continued even into the Holocaust wherein Balkan Muslims were widely reported to have saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis.”

      This is as good as any fairy tale from Arabia, because the Koran verse above actually proves the opposite: the Muslims granted asylum yes, but “so that the pagans may hear the word of Allah”, which defeats the purpose of the exercise. Once the asylum-dhimmi thought he was safe, he was humiliated, spat upon and pressurized to convert, and threatened to pay the jiziya with willing submission, or else… That’s quite a different concept of “asylum” as we know it. Since the unbelievers are “dumb, deaf and blind” (men without knowledge) they were given a temporary reprieve, say up to one year, during which they could chose to submit to the light of Islam, move on to other pastures or to become totally impoverished dhimmies, despised, ‘brought low’ at the mercy of the Muslims. And we know that Muslims are not to show any mercy to unbelievers from other Koran verses.

      The reality is that the Jews were not interested to ‘hear the word of allah’. And after being raped, robbed, murdered and otherwise molested, they went on their way and left the Muslims in their filth.

      The Holocaust’s untold heroes: Exhibit honors Albanian Muslims who saved Jews
      As meticulously documented by Andrew Bostom and others more briefly, the history of Islamic anti-Semitism is persistent, pervasive, and severe. To the extent that Albanian Muslims — even if they were Muslim merely culturally or by default — protected Jews from the Holocaust, they are worthy and remarkable exemplars. Will other Muslims follow the Albanians’ example in future troubled times?

      “Holocaust’s untold heroes” by Hahzada Irfan in the Houston Chronicle, via Jihad Watch

  4. Actually the untold heroes are the European families who did shelter Jewish people, and who paid for their humanity with their lives. The actions of the Albanians were not representative of the majority of muslims, for example the muslim brotherhood in Egypt contributed thugs to Nazi organised extermination teams in Poland. In fact, muslims did little against the Nazis and openly supported them in the East.

  5. sorry to inform you and all your readers that most of what you said is totally WRONG !!

    Islam does NOT ban ADOPTING KIDS
    It only ban taking them as your own physiological children

    You can adopt and Allah likes us to adopt Orphans and rewards us for it … Just we have to tell the kid and the community that this kid is not our son … He is adopted … The kid can’t take our last name also

    Any kind of sex outside of marriage (marriage includes the straight relation man to woman and that both are in legal age and that woman’s parents should approve it and she can never be forced to marry)

    The hard punishments that you so much hear about in Islam are for this kinda abuses … Kids abusers may get heavy punishments and It may be up to (stone to death) that’s if the abuser already have a wife yet he attacks children

    Yet so much wrong info to correct

    I don’t have for it all

    And by the way … Hamas picture isn’t for wedding couples as the mr. here is trying to show you

    They are freed captives from “israeli” jails and it’s a custom to welcome them as heroes … As bridegrooms … That’s why we also sing wedding songs in the fundrals of our martyrs … Cuz they got married to our mother earth … To our land that they died for

    Just pls be smart and search yourselves … Don’t just believe anything said to you … Even my comment here …


  6. this site has all you need to know about ISLAM in all available languages

    Including translated Holy Quran

    Prophet Muhammad’s wisdom

    And FAQ by west and other sects

    We have a proverb … “if you wanna drink clean water … Go to the spring (the source)”


  7. Religion is the problem here. Karl Marx stated religion is the Opiate of the people. But religion is separate from Faith. You can commit all sorts of terrible crimes under the blanket of religion but faith,any faith, is of The Heart and Mind. Out of the one billion members of the Islamic Religion a huge proportion are The Faithful striving with Theiir Hearts and Minds. If we look at the one billion or so Christians there are abusers hiding under the cloak of religion. Take for instance some problem priests compared with The Faith of Mother Theresa. Faith not religion

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