UK: 2000 Children Victims of "Sex Grooming" by Muslim Gangs

“Asian” is British dhimmi media code for “Muslim.” However, the racial breakdown of this study — “white” and “Asian” — obscures the possibility that white Muslims could have been involved in some of these cases, and ignores utterly the Islamic legal justification for sex slavery of unbelievers, which has the result of making this sort of exploitation of Infidel children more acceptable. “More than 2,000 children ‘victims of sex grooming,'” by Dominic Casciani for BBC News, June 29 (thanks to JW):

The first UK-wide study of street grooming of children has found more than 2,000 victims of systematic abuse.


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And we’re obliged to give him a home here?

Andrew Bolt

We really are dupes, exploited even by the cronies of a genocidal dictator:

A MUSICIAN who wrote propaganda songs for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and performed at his drunken parties has been recommended for asylum in Australia.

The man, whose name has been suppressed, initially had a claim for asylum rejected by the Immigration Department.

But that was overturned after he gave an impromptu concert before the Refugees Review Tribunal, which then concluded: “He is a professional musician.”

The man, who arrived in Australia last August on an entertainment visa, claimed he would be assassinated by Americans or anti-Hussein forces if sent home.

By the Americans? The RRT believes this stuff?

Impunity: Banned radical extremist Raed Salah walking free in the streets of Leicester yesterday
Daily Mail


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"Australia is a S#*t Country"

Mohammedan Gratitude

  • (Musel-)mans family allegedly involved in violent feud
  • Says no one in Australia cares or helps
  • Has been sleeping in car since shooting
  • Abdul Tiba’s house in Melbourne has been the target of numerous attacks in what police fear is an escalating gang war.

    Andrew Bolt: How did we import such trouble? What is the origin of this particular us-against-them culture? What is the lesson for our immigration and refugee policy?

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    Today's Cultural Enrichment: Honor Killings, Robbery, Slander & Hatred

    Dis-United Kingdom

    Carnita Matthews impersonator seen robbing bank in burqa:  British Cops Hunt Burqa Bandit…

    A man who holds up travel agents with a knife while dressed as a woman in a burka has been caught on camera.

    No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind (Vlad Tepes)

    Britain’s powerlessness to control who has the right to be in this country was glaringly exposed last night by two extraordinary cases.  In the first, an anti-Semitic preacher of hate whom the Home Secretary had banned from entering Britain was able to stroll in through Heathrow.

    Last night, Raed Salah was giving a lecture organised by Islamist radicals to a large crowd in Leicester, and today he was due to speak at Westminster at the invitation of Left-wing Labour MPs.  Continue reading →



    Mohammedan Drivel

    Geert Wilders is no ‘racist’ and he doesn’t hate: he cares. He cares about OUR culture and OUR civilization, not about the retarded cult of Islam. Those who care  detest Fatima Kanji and the drivel she posts  at the Independent.

    Spencer: Geert Wilders’ (Narrow) Victory for Free Speech

    In Human Events this morning I discuss the implications of Geert Wilders’ narrow victory last week.

    Here’s more:   Geert Wilders: Free at Last?

    “Hate speech” is not the equivalent of slander or libel. Slander and libel must make claims of fact about a person before the person can sue the perpetrator of those claims and attempt to prove that they are not facts.

    Feelings obviously can be hurt, but a hurt feeling is not an actionable offense that justifies retaliatory force, private or governmental. Unlike a black eye or a broken arm, a hurt feeling cannot be demonstrable in court as evidence of assault. Unlike a physical injury, feelings can be faked. But lawsuits, criminal or civil, have been the weapons used by Muslims to silence the critics of Islam and Muslims, and they are successful only in those countries whose non-objective law has been further corrupted and co-opted by multiculturalism and political correctness in word and deed. (source)

    Caliphate Conference

    Caliphate Convention Set to Take the Netherlands by Storm

    The caliphate will last “for as long as Allah wills…”   Read More »

    Bin Laden’s Death Inspires Southeast Asian Al Qaeda Devotees to Fight Against the West

    The Asian version of jihad.   Read More »

    “Restive” Thailand

    Anti-Buddhist Thai ‘Insurgency’ Exceeds Death Toll of 30-Year Northern Ireland Conflict…

    The number of violent incidents, mostly gunfire and bombs, averaged about 70 a month from January to May, killing an average 41 people a month, up slightly from last year. (By Reuters standards, this article is surprisingly  revealing and well researched)

    Dutch Parliament Approves Controversial Ban on Religious Animal Slaughter

    “Religious freedom cannot be unlimited.”   Read More »

    Mohammedan shysters? You ain’t seen nothing yet:

    Netherlands: Lawyers’ union wants more “minority lawyers

    Even though law is a popular subject among Dutch students with a Moroccan or Turkish background, law firms have remained ‘white bastions’ the organisation says. Ethnic minority law graduates tend to work for the government or as legal aids.

    “Mixed Reactions”– in Austria

    Austria: New draft bill against hate preachers

    People who incite others to carry out terrorist acts should go to jail. The interior minister explained the new set of measures meant that someone who approved terror attacks in front of at least 30 people faces a prison term of two years from 2012.   (source)

    Thanks to the Blaze,  PI,  Jihad Watch, Islam in Europe & the Independent

    The intelligentestest Fraud the world has ever known

    Adobe book editor positive:   Obama certificate is phony

    • ‘Altered document is manufactured,  or in everyday parlance – a forgery’

    WND–By Jerome R. Corsi

    NEW YORK – A nationally recognized computer expert who has served as contributing author and technical editor for more than 100 books on Adobe and Microsoft software says the Obama long-form birth-certificate image released by the White House is a fraudulent document created with Adobe software.

    “The PDF file released by the White House contains evidence of manipulation suggesting that one or more forgers utilized existing Hawaiian birth certificates to assemble fraudulently for Barack Obama a document the president presented to the world as authentic,” Mara Zebest told WND. (Read it, you must!)

    Affirmative Action at Work


    Obama Last Week: Automation Kills Jobs… Obama This Week: Automation Creates Jobs

    This week automation is good.

    So which is it?   Last week Barack Obama blamed ATMs and automation for killing jobs.  FOX Nation reported: (GWP)

    New Spiritual Advisor

    ‘Obscure Guy Who Did Diddly Squat’

    Michi the Moocher

    Obama’s Bitter Half Spent Large in Africa

    While the goals of her journey — “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” in southern Africa, according to the White House — are laudable, many may question whether such an expensive outreach overseas by the president’s wife is worthwhile given the threat of the ballooning federal debt to the economy.

    Laudable? Those trite platitudes aren’t even meaningful.

    Maybe the trip was a new stimulus package. When it comes to those, our Community Organizer in Chief confirms that frivolous wasting of other people’s money is “the whole point.”

    Imam Rauf Still Dreaming About Ground Zero Victory Mosque

    NY Imam Still Holds to Mosque Dream

    Abdul-Rauf, who chairs the Cordoba Initiative, an organization working to foster ties between the Muslim world and the West, also believes that Muslims have a responsibility of clearing misconceptions about their faith in US community.

    “Meet non-Muslims, explain to non-Muslims what our faith is all about. Be friendly. Dress in an American way. Don’t do things that, even if allowable, are likely to arouse hostility,” he said, addressing the Muslim community.

    “The Prophet (Muhammad), for example, at the very beginning of his mission, did not perform the noon and afternoon prayers in a loud voice because this would offend the sensitivities of the people against him in Makkah.”   (you know the drill: War is Deception)

    Stop Imam Rauf’s Insult to America!

    Apparently, Islamic Supremacism trumps Christianity at Ground Zero. (Atlas Shrugs)

    St Nicholas Church Rally at Ground Zero Rebuild the 95-Year-Old Church, Stop the Ground Zero Mosquestrosity

    ‘Jesus in Islam’ da’awa frenzy

    Preston Muslim Forum is hosting a series of events called ‘Unveiling Islam – beyond prejudice, myth and stereotype’ starting at Christ Church, Victoria Road, Fulwood, on Thursday, July 7 at 7pm.

    “Not all Muslims are ordered to kill Jews”

    Canadian Broadcast Standards Council uses our enemies’ ‘not all…’ rhetorical trick to punish host who said Koran orders Muslims to kill Jews by Kathy Shaidle

    Of course, the Koran doesn’t bother with all that “not all…” nonsense, but we dhimmis are expected to.

    “Not all…” is a relatively new rhetorical “rule”.

    Paul Revere did not feel obliged to shout “some of the British are coming.”

    If I say “Germans make good cars,” even the stupidest, craziest individual knows I don’t believe that allGerman citizens are employed in the automotive industry.

    Yet all because of belligerent Muslims and their braindead dupes, we are suddenly supposed to say “not all Muslims.” (think the PC crowd can sort the killers out for us?)

    I refuse to acquiesce to this made up rule. Because once we start playing by their rules, they win. This is appeasement disguised as “civility.”

    Glenn Beck Family Harassed

    As Hopey Change progresses, America is becoming “fundamentally transformed” into a place where prominent conservatives can’t take their family out in public for fear of being assailed by the liberal mob — as Glenn Beck learned last night at NYC’s Bryant Park:  America Under the Liberal Mob (Moonbattery)

    Far Left Goons Harass Glenn Beck Family at Outdoor Concert– The commenters on Gawker are as hateful as the leftists who harassed his family at the park.

    Democracy collapses in Europe: EU cancels SIOA/SIOE free speech rally — Freedom From Jihad Flotilla to launch on 9/11

    Disgraceful. What we are witnessing here is the collapse of civilized society, the end of individual freedom, free speech  and democracy.  At the same time the invaders are occupying the streets of Paris:

    SIOA Executive Director Pamela Geller said in a statement:

    “The Strasbourg police could not guarantee our safety. When the thugs of the Antifa group and Islamic supremacist organizations announced plans to hold a violent counter-demonstration and to do everything they could to disrupt our activities, the authorities canceled permission for our demonstration and conference, instead of standing up to these violent neo-fascists and their Islamic supremacist allies.”

    STRASBOURG, FRANCE, June 28: In a capitulation to Islamic supremacists and violent radical Leftists, French and European Union authorities have canceled a free speech rally planned by a coalition of American and European human rights organizations in Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament.

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    Muhammad's Breast-feeding Hadith (rida’ al-kabir)

    Muhammad has said any number of bizarre or perverse things that naturally provoke abhorrence, if not laughter.

    How Islamic Absurdities Prove Islamic Violence (AINA)

    The other day I saw a video of a sheikh warning Muslims against disregarding Muhammad’s sunna, or the rules and customs the prophet prescribed for Muslims. To support his point, he read a hadith wherein Muhammad told Muslims: “When you wake up from sleep to pray, wash your hand before you put it in the ablution water, for you do not know where your hand has spent the night.”

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    Kabul Hotel Under Attack By Suicide Bombers, But Islam Means Peace….

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies:

    Kazakhstan President: Muslim world must tell West that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism

    Actually, we’ve already been told this again and again and again, but actions speak louder than words. “Muslim world must tell West Islam has nothing to do with terrorism: Kazakh President,” from the Ahlul Bayt News Agency, June 28:

    “We need to establish an open and honest dialogue between the Muslim world and the West,” he said.

    That would be nice. When an honest Muslim spokesman is ready for such dialogue, call me. Or better not. Don’t call us, we call you.

    In the real world, they prove how peaceful they are every day:

    BS vs Reality

    Seeking the promise of paradise to those who “slay and are slain” for Allah (Qur’an 9:111). This sort of thing will become more common as the Americans leave, of course, but there really wasn’t anything that the Americans could ultimately have done to prevent it anyway. The idea of a stable, prosperous, Western-style free republic in Afghanistan was from the beginning a pipe dream, and it was inevitable that those who tried to implement this dream would run up against the buzz-saw of Sharia.

    “Afghanistan’s Intercontinental Hotel Under Attack by Suicide Bombers,” from, June 28:

    The popular Intercontinental hotel in Kabul has come under a suicide bombing attack Tuesday, a U.S. official told Fox News. The attack is still ongoing.

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    Islam Prefers Strong, Immoral Men

    Honest Muslim Discovered:

    Prominent Egyptian Preacher: Islam Prefers Strong, Immoral Men

    In a video posted to YouTube on June 12, Salafi Shaykh Muhammad Hassan, a popular preacher in Egypt, explains why Islam prefers strong, immoral men over righteous, weak ones.

    According to Translating Jihad, the Egyptian leader quotes Imam Ahmad, Ibn Taymiyya, and the Prophet Muhammad in making his case. Here are some text snippets:

    If there are two men, and one of them is stronger spiritually, while the other is stronger physically, (the latter) is more beneficial to that nation. In war, for example, the strong man offers his courage, even if he is immoral or licentious. The weak man (only) offers his impotence, even if he is faithful…

    The Prophet (peace be upon him), said…”Allah will support this religion through an immoral man.”   Read More »

    Abercrombie Bitch

    Mickey Mouse  Jihad (update)


    Sharia Law for Packages to Troops (Moonbattery)

    American troops were not compelled by their own commanders to submit to the dictates of Nazi ideology while they fought in Germany in WWII. But then, we believed in ourselves and fought wars to win in those days. In the modern era, sharia restrictions are applied to troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you want to send them a package, be sure to read up on the rules first, which include proscriptions on these:

    • Bulk quantities of religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith.
    • Pork or pork by-products.