Scum of Scotland

Scottish Pol Defends Fogel Family Slaughterers (Atlas)

The horrific and savage mass murder of a Jewish family is condoned and defended by a Scottish pig. Who can forget the Muslim massacre of a sleeping family of five? (A three-year-old was stabbed in the heart and a three-month-old baby’s throat was slashed.)

Atlas reader Jeff writes:

This is beyond all ken. This vermin from the UK is actually saying the Fogels deserved to die. I feel as many people as possible should be aware of the scum that is emerging from the sewers in Europe and the UK.”


But good and decent people must understand the evil that walks among us. Not just those with the knives, the guns, the bombs, but their emissaries and …..publicists.

Report: Scottish boycott leader defends Fogel killers YNET News
Itamar massacre revenge for killing of Palestinian children, Councilor Jim Bollan says

A Scottish councilor who has lead an anti-Israel boycott at the district of West Dunbartonshire defended the perpetrators of the Itamar massacre, saying the murderers were seeking to avenge the killing of Palestinian children, the Jewish Chronicle reported Friday.

Bollan is a liar. The Jews have never done this. Never. They love and respect life. It is Bollan who lusts for blood. It is Bollan who blood libels to slake his hatred of the Jews.

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