Spencer in Stuttgart

Spencer versus Antifa in Stuttgart — better video

Here, courtesy Kitman TV, is a better version of Spencer’s talk in Stuttgart Thursday. A huge crowd of violent fascist thugs couldn’t stop him from speaking, do him physical harm, and/or drown him out. Robert’s account of the event is here.

Here’s an update from moir:

The police refused to give us personal protection and told us to cancel the event in order to ‘deescalate’ the situation.’  Some of the Antifa thugs occupied the stage and had to be forcibly removed in handcuffs. A cordon of about 500 policemen and women pushed towards the raging mob and told them to clear the area. The loons kept screaming ‘racists’ and we kept shouting ‘Nazis raus’ and ‘down with Islam’.

I called them Jew-killers, (Judenmoerder). A skinny German chick who managed to get behind the lines told me ‘we are against racists’. When I asked her ‘what race is Islam?’ she said ‘there are no races’.

“Well, if there are no races then there is no racism either, right?” I shouted back.

Then I yelled “you support your own enslavement, you support child marriage, you support female genital mutilation….” and the feral loon  behind the skinny chick shouted back “yes, we should cut your balls off…” and so it went. There were several ‘yoots’, (German born Turks I suspect) who managed to creep through the police cordon and sneak up on us. When we got them removed they told us that ‘we were lucky that there was so much police, otherwise…’

We were bombarded with bottles, manure, eggs and who knows what, (ruined my good suit)  and the police warned the mob twice that they would move in and clear the area, but  they never did.

Disappointing. Weakness only encourages the mob.

There were many young females in the police force (the PC term is police ‘service’) in full riot gear, and they were clearly spooked.

The choir of Coptic Christians never got to sing.  But the vuvuzelas, the (pea) whistles and the screaming loons would have drowned them out anyway. After Spencer spoke, we made our getaway. I didn’t get to speak, and anyway, Spencer said it all, there was nothing more to add.

The same night, the antifa thugs burned the soundtruck: 100.000 Euro’s damage, and the next night they threw rocks  through the windows of a hotel were they believed we were staying. Yesterday, they arrested 38 of them when they attacked the church of the Pious Brothers, where we held a seminar the day before.

We’ll be here another day, more later.

PS: the situation here is far worse than you can imagine. The leftist-green convergence brings in Arabs and black African criminals in large numbers, you don’t feel safe around the city, not even in the daytime. Its a disaster of monumental proportions: Germany, Europe killed 6 million Jews and replaced them with 30 to 50 million soldiers of allah. They are now in the second stage of the jihad, and the third stage, which includes open warfare, looting, mass-rape and murder is not far off. Miserable EUrabia, what have you done to yourself?

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  1. Quote:
    The police refused to give us personal protection and told us to cancel the event in order to ‘deescalate’ the situation.’

    Bad decision.
    Islam is chaos.
    To accommodate it is to accommodate chaos and lawlessness– the informal over the formal authority of law.
    This is a true departure from Western Civilization.

  2. Next time Spencer and other enemies of militant Islam speak out against it in public, they must bring their own security force that would be more than willing to crack a few Islamo-Fascist skulls.
    Words are nice, but they alone don’t get the job done. You must also have an intimidating physical presence that low-life scum don’t want to mess with.
    Fight Fire with Fire !

  3. * The police refused to give us personal protection and told us to cancel the event in order to ‘deescalate’ the situation.’

    The Stuttgart police can “serve and protect” when they want to:


    [Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demonstrators in the southwestern city of Stuttgart on Thursday. The activists had tried to use a sit-down protest to prevent the city’s Schlossgarten park from being cleared so that work could begin on felling trees in the park as part of construction work on the new station. Thursday’s protests were attended by a broad cross-section of society, including pensioners and children.]


  5. ich bin ein auslander…not for much longer if this keeps up…i’m convinced there are good Germans who far outnumber the leftys and muslims …they need solid leadership and a goon squad…remember it took street fighters to defeat the communists and it will take muscle to protect the good guys

  6. when i was in the army stationed in Germany we always had to be aware of getting out of hand after a few biers…the polizei would crack heads and take no names…they have the wherewithal to do so. What happened to law and order one wonders?

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