The Islamic Anchor Baby


Does anyone have a map printed in 1961 or 1962 showing Kenya on it?

Does anyone have a map printed in 1961 or 1962 showing Kenya on it?
The problem with this ‘new’ birth certificate Obama’s, is that it’s, well….new. It lists his birthday as August 4, 1961, then lists his father’s native country as Kenya. The problem with that is Kenya didn’t exist until 1963; it was British East Africa or East Africa Protectorate until then.

It also lists the hospital of his birth as Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital, which didn’t exist until 1978. Prior to that time it was Kauaikeolani Children’s Hospital.
It is also dated April 25, 2011, with Dr. Alvin T. Onaka signing to the stamp of “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii Department of State Health”. Being an abstract does not mean it is real or official; it means it matches what is in the electronic system, which would have been put in some time after 1978 because of the hospital name, and as recently as April 25, 2011, because of the date, or any time in between.

Also………at this time, 1961, they were still recorded as ‘ negro’. The term “African American” had not yet been coined in the interest of political correctness.

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  1. Obama has invested millions to hide his past!!! His campaign was littered with significant donations from muslim governments.

  2. Hey come on now, settle down, I am sure there is a perfectly rational explanation for all of the above minor contradictions.
    We are after all talking about the Messiah and he does move in strange ways, it is quiet possible he was born in a Hospital eleven years before the Hospital existed.
    It is also possible his father knew two years in advance of the coming of the state of Kenya (lucky guess, happens all the time) at the time of Hussein Obama’s birth .
    So lets all hold back a bit here and see what perfectly plausible logical explanation the Messiah and the Democrats and their MSM propagandists come up with.

  3. I lived in Kenya at the time and can assure you it is impossible for him to have been born in Kenya. Firstly, the British were still in all the senior position in the civil service and although Kenya was in transition to independence, this was in the final days of the Mau Mau and nothing was more suspect than an educated black. He he arrived with a white woman, they would have known he had a local wife and kids and treated her a nothing more than a cheap tart. Whilst a lot of men did screw the locals, as long as she was only his maid it was frowned upon, had she ever been treated as anything else he would have been ostracized. For a white woman to consort with a black was absolutely unthinkable. Had he been born there, he would have needed traveling documents to leave the country, The Kenyans would have known that this was the half-cast bastard of a visiting trollop and sent her packing to the US embassy in which case there would have been a record not even Obama can eradicate.

    This first time I heard about this supposed possibility I knew it was crap. Since he himself had brought it up, my first thought was that it was a red herring, what is he trying to hide. The fact that he let this story linger for so long only made the whole thing more suspicious.

  4. love your language ciccio..”this was the half caste bastard of a visiting trollop..” Love that trollop word..don’t hear it very often.

  5. Sorry to burst the bubble guys but all these claims are a croc. Pity I know but far better to attack the REAL problems Obambi has like the fact that the BC itself is a forgery even though some of the information on it is CORRECT.
    Questions about President Obama Long Form Birth Certificate

    This however should go viral

  6. Thank you, Ciccio.

    Point taken, Devils advocate. But Kenya is not the only thing that leaves open questions.

    EXCLUSIVE: Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions

    Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains the official copy of his alleged Selective Service registration commit the crime for him?
    It’s either one or the other, as indicated by the release of Barack Obama’s official Selective Service registration for the draft. A friend of mine, who is a retired federal agent, spent almost a year trying to obtain this document through a Freedom of Information Act request, and, after much stonewalling, finally received it and released it to me.
    But the release of Obama’s draft registration and an accompanying document, posted below, raises more questions than it answers. And it shows many signs of fraud, not to mention putting the lie to Obama’s claim that he registered for the draft in June 1979, before it was required by law. Schlussel has more

  7. A nationally recognized computer expert who has served as contributing author and technical editor for more than 100 books on Adobe and Microsoft software says the Obama long-form birth-certificate image released by the White House is a fraudulent document created with Adobe software.

    “The PDF File released by the White House contains evidence of manipulation suggesting that one or more forgers utilized existing Hawaiian birth certificates to assemble fraudulently for Barack Obama a document the president presented to the world as authentic,” Mara Zebest told WND.

    I want you to do something for me. I was never a Birther. Not only was I not a Birther … I cringed when the Issue was branded about in the news because I thought it was a losing issue.

    Yet there is some very disconcerting evidence starting to come about that the Long Form Birth Certificate that was recently published is a fraud ala Dan Rather’s fraud about Bush.

    If you are fair … I would like for you to read this report prepared by this very credentialed and well respected person … and then I ask you if you can find for me just one well-credentialed person that refutes this report.

    Just one !!!!

    Have the courage to read it through.

    Errol Phiilips
    A more than curious Citizen

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