Allah is most forgiving and merciful, except…..

…when it comes to apostates. (Among other things)

Afghanistan: Muslims behead convert from Islam to Christianity, warn other converts of “dire consequences” for leaving Islam

“Whoever changes his religion should be executed.” Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, said that. Note also that these murderers recited passages from the Qur’an. This is the sort of story that gives the lie to the common claim by Islamic apologists in the West that Islam has no death penalty for apostasy. But where are the human rights organizations on this?

“NEWS ALERT: Afghan Man Beheaded For Faith In Christ,” by Marshall Ramsey II forBosNewsLife, July 3:

Islamic Tolerance:

Muslim Father Vows To Kill Son: ‘I will rather kill him and face the firing squad (death sentence), than live to see my son not worshipping Allah.’

“Allah or nothing”

Honor killing. It’s not just a girl thing. Stand against this monstrous religiously mandated murder. Demand the condemnation of the world.

Father Vows To Kill Son Over Religious Disagreement Modern Ghana

Bilal Philips: “I’m just following my religion!”

Imam who called for killing of gays and lesbians decries “Islamophobia”

Maybe if Bilal Philips stopped calling for people to be murdered in accord with Islamic law, he would find “Islamophobia” on the wane. “Imam decries Islamophobia while Pride battles homophobia,” from the Globe and Mail, July 3:

Those who don’t stand for something  lie down for anything:

TORONTO QUEERS say, “We stand with Queers in Palestine.” (I’m sure Hamas has a place for them)


2 thoughts on “Allah is most forgiving and merciful, except…..”

  1. Obama is an apostate of islam; since he has become a kafir at the age of about 10 years old; having practiced islam extensively during approximately the 6 preceeding years.

    It is a grievous insult to islam that an actual apostate of islam has been elected president of the US.

  2. well without any slightest doubt allah is most merciful. in the surah 9 ayath 5, of the quraan , allah tells the faithful muslims that, ” SLAY THE IDOLATORS WHEREVER YOU CAN. KILL THEIR OLDS , CHILDREN. RAPE THEIR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS. LET HEM SEE YOUR BRUTALITY. YOUR ATTITUDE TO THEM IS THE MERCY THEY DESERVE.”
    also after each and every satanic verses allah adds that , “allah is all merciful”.
    so in fact allah has a differerbt description on mercy. so allah is really all mercyful.
    slaying is mercy for allah.

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