Germany: “The Battle Against The Right” — is the jihad to destroy Israel

The Red SA marches (again)  against  the Jews.

The mentally challenged  creeps from “Antifa” in Germany are becoming increasingly hysterical. The “network  against right” in Duisburg,   like all similar organizations rewarded by taxpayer funding,  is increasingly engaged in militancy and violence. They are no longer hiding the true direction of their activities. “ The Fight  against  right”, that is  in Germany not only the fight against the civil-democratic society, (the bourgeoisie) but has turned into open hatred and  violent declarations against Israel. Jewish and non-Jewish citizens who oppose the anti-Semitic mobilization, are again photographed and threatened.  [more in German from PI]


“Shrink our carbon prints:”

United Church of Christ resolution condemns “actions of hostility against Islam and the Muslim community”

And by actions of hostility they mean, among other things, resistance to the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero. So apparently it is an action of hostility against Islam to stand against Islam’s actions of hostility against non-Muslims. And what of the hostility of the Qur’an, which says that Christians who believe that Jesus is the Son of God are under a divine curse (9:30)? On that, the UCC is silent.

“UCC Committee recommends adoption of resolution opposing hostility to Islam,” by Eric Anderson for Worldwide Faith News, July 3:

Public outcry over Mohammedan proselytizing in Australia (Da’awa)  The Advertising Standards Bureau ruled the ad “did not discriminate against or vilify any person or section of the community on account of religion”.

Update: America ‘gives way’ to Islamic law

The insistence on the hijab is something that is being pursued in many arenas, and it’s all an attempt to manifest an Islamic presence and the necessity of ‘infidels’ to accommodate Islamic practices.”

German Translation for the PI article above:

Die geistige Verirrung in unserem kranken Deutschland nimmt immer groteskere Züge an. Das “Netzwerk gegen Rechts” in Duisburg, dass wie alle ähnlichen Vereinigungen für seine angeblich antifaschistischen Gewaltorgien mit Steuergeldern staatlich gefördert wird, traut sich jetzt, die wahre Stoßrichtung seiner Aktivitäten zu offenbaren. “Kampf gegen Rechts”, das ist in Deutschland nicht nur, wie bereits von Olaf Henkel dargelegt, Kampf gegen die bürgerlich-demokratische Gesellschaft, sondern jetzt auch ganz offen Kampf gegen Israel. Jüdische und nichtjüdische Bürger, die sich dem antisemitischen Mob entgegenstellen, werden bereits wieder fotografiert und bedroht. [mehr]

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