Appeasement & PC Will Destroy Us

The Pretzel Logic of Dhimmitude


Political correctness gone mad at Ground Zero

We can have a Ground Zero Mosque, but not a memorial that actually memorializes 9/11

Because that’s  “didactic.”

“This might convince you that the American victims were “innocent” and the foreign terrorists “guilty.”

That would be “telling us what to think.”

Traditional Judeo-Christian values have no place at Ground Zero.

3 thoughts on “Appeasement & PC Will Destroy Us”

  1. politically correct liberal leftists will destroy us all…where will they be, what side will they come down on when their allies, the Muslims, win out and turn on their leftist atheist friends…if they are not people of the book, being atheists, they will suffer first and foremost. That’s why Robert Spencer told them they are

    mental slaves soon to become physical slaves if they get their way.

  2. their way is unknowingly going to be the vessel of their “CERTAIN” demise ! they will be spat on “WITHOUT” a drop of respect for their efforts ! laughed at , while total confusion enters every tiny spec of the mind ! that “WILL BE” a disgusting death ! and one i “WILL NOT” be confronted with ! these people , those people, you people , or liberals in general, could only be “lucky” enough to have a “TRUE” citizen come to their rescue. yes , i would protect them as i would any other american, but, chances are , their damage will have already placed them so far on the “WRONG” side of right, “it will be to late” for most ! right now they read this and laugh like a child , it will be sad to watch that grin turn to “HORROR” when their gov , their group hug community, and their “so called” supporters begin to eliminate them one by one ! some may be “king ” now , but the throne is shifting , and as it topples , it “WILL” take every ounce of arrogance , sarcasm, & uppity behavior right the hell along with it !

  3. Terror suspect, Uighur with European passport, security checked at Arlanda, Stockholm Airport, upon return from “Turkish vacation”. Letters in Arabic and Turkish indicate connections to AQ, and US.

    Lawyer says these letters, with the word ‘computer’ repeatedly mentioned, are just confirming his business idea, regarding questions about importing computers from China, where he has relatives.

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