Arab Midsummer Reality Check

Arab Spring Midsummer Reality Check

Anderson Poofter Dream Realized: Hundreds of Thousands in Cairo Demand Islamic State in Egypt

CAIRO – Ultraconservative Muslims turned out in force Friday as tens of thousands filled Cairo’s central Tahrir Square in a rally marked by a growing rift in the protest movement.

“Ultraconservative Muslims?”– like,  their conservatives are just like our conservative Christians?

 Pamela Geller reminds us of the unhinged media circus of the ‘Freedom & Democracy’ movement a few months earlier, when all revolutions were still groovy, yeah man!

And Christians are, as always, fair game:  “Gunmen”  fired on a car carrying five Christians in the province of Minya south of Cairo, killing two and injuring two, a military official said.

Ah, the powerful sulphuric stench off the fetid blossoms of the Islamic spring.

And here we have more poisonous fruit from the mainstream media’s pounding propaganda campaign that paved the way for an Islamic sharia state in Egypt. The media couldn’t help themselves. Endlessly blathering on about Liberty! Democracy! Jihad! Sharia! (though it hardly rolled off the tongue, more like they choked on it.) And still no mea culpa by the media. They suffered a sort of  tourette syndrome, even throwing their female journalists (ie Lara Logan.) to the dogs.

And now this.


We await same intense and extensive mainstream media coverage and obsession that we witnessed immediately after and in the ensuing days of the Norway massacre to determine those responsible for the call for a brutal and oppression Islamic state in Egypt.We await the same intense and extensive mainstream media coverage and deep investigative reporting on the ideology that commands the sharia. We await the same intense and extensive mainstream media coverage and intense investigation of the ideology that incites, jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations, gender apartheid and enslavements. 

I expect extremists Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, the NY Times, LA Times, IHT, CNN, BBC,and all members of the mainstream meda et al, to be just as rabidly obsessed and consumed with investigating their role in cheerleading for the overthrow and downfall of the US allied Mubarak government.

We await the apologies from the mainstream media for a Muslim Brotherhood Egypt. Brian Williams, you and your fellow travelers are cowards. Dangerous cowards.

Where are the wall to wall reports on the evil global agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and their stated goals to establish a universal caliphate. Where are the probing investigative news reports on what a universal caliphate means or what living under the sharia is like for women, minorities, and non-Muslims.

Cairo protesters call for an Islamic state in Egypt Globe and Mail

Ultraconservative Muslims join protesters in Egypt

CAIRO – Ultraconservative Muslims turned out in force Friday as tens of thousands filled Cairo’s central Tahrir Square in a rally marked by a growing rift in the protest movement.

South of the capital, gunmen fired on a car carrying Christians, killing two. While the motive was unknown, similar events have sparked religious violence in the past.

In one of the largest crowds to fill the square since the popular uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February, Salafis chanted for the implementation of strict Islamic law — spurring accusations that they violated an agreement to keep the rally free from divisive issues.

The decision by the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s best organized political force, and other Islamist groups to participate significantly boosted the turnout. These groups stayed away from recent demonstrations that sought to keep up pressure on the military council that took power after Mubarak’s fall, leading to smaller crowds.

But the Islamists’ participation also highlighted the growing rift between them and liberal activists. Some Islamist groups rallied their members to the square to oppose the adoption of a set of guidelines for drafting a new constitution after parliamentary elections later this year.

Liberal parties endorse the measure in an effort to limit what they fear will be outsized Islamist influence on the new document should religious groups win a large share of the parliament. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has accepted the idea.

Islamists oppose it, saying nothing should restrict the right of the new elected parliament to oversee the process of drafting the document.

While opposing the measure, Muslim Brotherhood members did not press the issue Friday due to an agreement between organizers to avoid divisive issues.

Crowds of ultraconservative Salafis, however, gave a common protests chant an Islamic twist — sparking criticisms from others who said the chants violated an agreement to avoid divisive issues.

Instead of “Peaceful, peaceful,” which demonstrators have chanted during confrontations with security forces, they repeated “Islamic, Islamic.” And instead of “The people want to topple the regime” — a chant made famous in Tunisia and adopted across the region — they yelled, “The people want to implement Sharia,” or Islamic law.

Salafis are ultraconservatives, close to Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi interpretation of Islam and more radical than the Brotherhood. They seek to emulate the austerity of Islam’s early days and oppose a wide range of practices like intermingling of the sexes that they view as “un-Islamic.” Many also reject all forms of Western cultural influence.

Violence broke out elsewhere in Egypt.

Gunmen fired on a car carrying five Christians in the province of Minya south of Cairo, killing two and injuring two, a military official said. It was the second killing in two weeks in the predominantly Christian village of Roman.

Christian residents gathered in front of the hospital where the bodies were taken as the word spread, although the official said the attackers had not been captured and the reason for the shooting was not known.

In the Sinai city of al-Arish, hard-line Salafis fired rocket-propelled grenades and other heavy weapons in the air during protests, injuring a small boy, according to an intelligence official.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to brief the media.

In the southern city of Assiut, deputy police chief Yosri el-Jammasi said Salafist protesters beat up a group of protesters from the Communist party trying to join their demonstration. At one point, some in the crowd yelled back at a speaker who criticized the idea of constitutional guidelines.

All protesters agree on a number of other key demands, including the end of military trials for civilians, a clear schedule for the transition to civilian rule and swift trials for former regime officials and those accused of killing protesters during the uprising, which left about 850 people dead.

The rally comes a day after Egypt’s Justice Ministry said Mubarak, along with his two sons, his former security chief and seven others, will be tried at a Cairo convention center.

Of the 11, Mubarak, his security chief — former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly — and six top police officers are charged with ordering the use of deadly force against protesters. If convicted, the eight could face the death penalty.

Mubarak, his sons Gamal and Alaa and businessman Hussein Salem also face corruption charges. Salem, a close friend of Mubarak’s, is at large.

The announcement had little apparent effect on Friday’s protest, mostly because most activists doubt Mubarak will actually stand trial Wednesday as planned.

Mubarak’s lawyer and doctors treating him in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh have repeatedly reported that the 83-year-old ousted leader’s health is failing, though Egypt’s health ministry said he is fit enough to stand trial.


Associated Press writer Sarah El Deeb contributed to this report.

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