Gillard is NOT a Lesbian?

Lady Gaga Wants Julia Gillard To Legalise Gay Marriage

Gillard said she was aware of reports that pop star Lady Gaga – having been told Ms Gillard lived with her “partner” – mistakenly assumed the prime minister was a lesbian. She said she had discussed the pop star mix-up with Mr Mathieson.  (Source)

Global Homo Gestapo

There will be no gay marriage under a government I lead

Julia Gillard’s latest promise is conditional enough, with that talk of “plans”. But then there is KEVIN Rudd’s sister, Loree, who is waging a one-woman campaign against gay marriage, lobbying federal MPs and threatening to quit Labor if it backs the push at the party’s national conference in December.

I don’t have any plans to change the Marriage Act.

The Worming-Climate-Carbon Fraud

You don’t need to know. You just need to pay.

Julia Gillard says she won’t play “the Andrew Bolt game”. Which means she refuses to tell taxpayers what their sacrifice will actually do for the climate.  Listen here.

The Boats Keep Coming

Nearly, nearly signed, swears the government

This is the second time the deal is announced before it’s actually signed:

THE federal government has reportedly finalised its controversial asylum seeker swap deal with Malaysia.

 Sure its not Soros who does the sponsoring?

How the US govt is sponsoring Aussie carbon tax activists

Tim Blair:

3 thoughts on “Australia”

  1. Gillard is gone.In fact,I can see a time in Australia’s future when the phrase:”Gone like Gillard” becomes part of the vernacular.

  2. Rudd’s Sister’s declaration, sounds a bit like her infamous brother’s declaration of “I have never been a Socialist” despite been the leader of the largest MARXIST Funded (ACTU, Get Up) SOCIALIST Political Party in Australia, the Australian Labor Party, voted into government in 2007, he is now Australia’s Foreign Minister,travelling the world donating hundreds of millions of Australia’s Tax Payers TAXES to any Third World Despotic / Islamic UN Sponsored Junta in exchange for their Vote for him to be appointed a seat on the UN’s Security Council.

    Call me Crazy but has the MSM and their fellow Socialist Marketeers decided that a reinvented “God Bothering” “I have never been a Socialist”anti Gay Marriage , just ask my Sister, Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07,aka. Kevin Rudd decided that the time is right to re launch their 2007, ACTU, Get Up Funded,Talking Head /model as Kevin 2011 ?

    Her brother ,Lu Kewen,is on record as saying he could comfortably “worship in any Church”… I guess thats because, after all, the Australian Labor Party, the largest MARXIST Funded SOCIALIST Political Party in Australia, is infamous for promoting the mantra that ALL Religions and Cultures are equal… so the hell with a few silly differences of “Religiosity” Hey who cares if Islam wants to chop off the hands of the thief or bash out the brains of an accused adulterer, remove your daughters clitoris, hey we are all equal … according to Comrade Lu Kewen we are.

    Now where was Lu Kewen’s “Christian” Sister when he was the PM of Australia? or is it more a case of she only objects to SOCIALISM when its NOT her Brother implementing it?

  3. Holy Crap! I can’t believe that the aussie leftist of rudd and gillard are opposed to gay marriage. That’s like the new “in-thing.” I’m surprised Oz hasn’t already legalized same-sex. Our messiah believes in legalizing it, but can’t come out and openly support it because it ain’t cool in the black community–especially among the pastors.

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