Obamerica Today

S#*t doesn’t fall far from the bat
During Interview, Bill O‘Reilly Calls Obama’s Father a ‘Shadowy Figure’ and a ‘Sociopath’- better late than never; the truth will out.

The first to bomb, the first to throw the towel:

Obama Regime Hates Jews….

… Issues Warning to Jews About Immigration.

But keeps sending money to Pali terrorists:


Which big illegal-alien-sending country country do you think this video was produced for? Mexico? China? The Dominican Republic? Korea?    No, silly. Israel.

Glenn Israel
‘Square Your Shoulders’: Beck Challenges Israelis to Stand Firm

“We have a right to exist.”   Read More »

The Obama Spirit

Art Gallery
Art? Taxpayer-Funded Exhibit Equates Republican Govs. With Nazism

Rabbi Holds Prayers in Street After Manhattan Synagogue Burned to Ground

The cause is under investigation.

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obama and immelt
Rush Limbaugh: Obama and GE CEO Immelt Are Like ‘Radical Islamic Imams’

Don’t know about Immelt, but the O’bimbo is certainly on track…….Read More »