Australia: Sheik Fez, Lebanese Diplomats & Welfare Fraud

Fleece the infidels wherever you find them….

Lebanese Diplomats representing their country beautifully: 

A CRIMINAL investigation is under way into allegations that staff at the Lebanese consul-general’s office in Sydney have been paid wages in cash while illegally pocketing Centrelink payments.

Diplomats to the welfare state (Andrew Bolt)

Sheik Feiz back to his old tricks

Sheikh Feiz has caused controversy by referring to Jews as pigs and saying children should be encouraged to take up jihad. He has apologised for the former comment and said the latter was misunderstood.

When Turks here must send their children to Turkey to escape Islamist hardliners… 



The general manager of the Auburn-based Affinity Intercultural Foundation, Ahmet Keskin, said that ”people around here could hardly believe that a Turk might be involved in that [incident] because this is an extremely tolerant community.”

Out of the fire into the frying pan? Young Turks in this country are being recruited by Salafists – which is unsurprising. Recruitment and da’awa go hand in hand, and jihad-terror is the inevitable outcome:

Muslim threatens to ”kill all Christians and Jews” and bomb Sydney on Facebook (Atlas)

A plan by another, the Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia, to build a large mosque on a $1.8 million, 3882-square-metre plot on Chisholm Road, is considered the latest example of the push into the area….. Some anxious parents have begun sending their children to Turkey for long periods to steer them away from Salafi influences, one leading figure said on condition of anonymity…


4 thoughts on “Australia: Sheik Fez, Lebanese Diplomats & Welfare Fraud”

  1. DFAT Ramadan tips for dhimmis:

    [The Islamic holy month, Ramadan, is expected to begin on or around 1 August 2011 and finish on or around 29 August 2011. The exact timing of Ramadan depends on the sighting of the moon and this differs from country to country.

    During this time, Muslims refrain from a number of activities, mainly eating, drinking and smoking, between sunrise and sunset. People who are not fasting are advised against undertaking these activities in the presence of people who are fasting. ]

    [During Ramadan, Australians travelling to Muslim countries and countries with significant Muslim communities should take great care to respect religious and cultural sensitivities, rules and customs. ]

  2. Mullah Lodabullah: People who are not fasting are advised against undertaking these activities in the presence of people who are fasting.

    And why, exactly, should people do any such thing? Will these observers of Ramadan become violent? Will they blame it on low blood sugar? Or is it just that the Qur’an tells them to kill everyone who doesn’t think like them.

    Maybe it’s time for people to bring highly aromatic and visually appealing foods in transparent containers with them wherever Muslims are to be found during the daylight hours of Ramadan. Smacking of the lips, gustatory sighs and other indications of satisfying ingestion are highly recommended. It’s long past tea for Muslims to experience the thoroughly disdainful ridicule that civilized people, one and all, should have for everything Islamic.

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