Australia: the truth will get you sacked!

What did Joseph Adams say that was inaccurate? What did he say that was false? If Muhammad was not “the first terrorist of Islam,” did he not say that he was, according to Islamic tradition? “I have been made victorious through terror” (Bukhari 4.52.220).

Joseph Adams … labelled a “bigot”.

“Lib adviser sacked after anti-Islam web posts,” by Heath Aston for the Sydney Morning Herald, July 10:

THE O’Farrell government has been embarrassed by a Liberal adviser who posted anti-Islamic comments online, including a description of the Prophet Muhammad as ”the first terrorist of Islam”.Joseph Adams, who worked in the electorate office of the Smithfield Liberal, Andrew Rohan, was sacked on Friday. Mr Adams, pictured, had angered some of his 1000 Facebook friends – which include 15 state government MPs and four ministers – with selected excerpts from the Koran which he said prove Islam promotes killing, not love.

He was labelled a ”bigot” and the ”biggest f—ing racist ever” by shocked friends.

“Friends” like these are not worth having.

What race is Islam again?

A record of his posts between March 24 and June 17, obtained by The Sun-Herald, show the criticism only spurred him on to make more offensive remarks.”The religious babble you refer to is Islam,” he commented on June 4. ”There was no war. It was terrorism. Muhammad was the first terrorist in the name of Islam.”

He followed up with: “Why are you getting upset? I’m not the one who is teaching others to kill in the name of Islam. Mohommed is not my hero.”

Do Islamic jihadists not kill in the name of Islam? They consistently and unanimously explain and justify their actions with references to Islamic texts and teachings.

On March 24, he taunted ”friend” Faten Dabs with the comment: ”If you leave Islam it is HALAL for you to be EXECUTED. Lol. No wonder people are afraid to leave Islam.”

Does Islam not have a death penalty for apostasy? Do not all the sects of Islam and schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach this? Did not Muhammad say, according to Islamic tradition, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57)?

After being branded a bigot on Facebook , he responded: ”Your biblical quotes are as ridiculous as your comparisons. I guess you never paid attention at Sunday school. Jesus spoke in parables. Mohommed on the other hand gave orders to kill.

Did not Muhammad say, according to Islamic tradition, “If you gain a victory over the men of Jews, kill them” (Sunan Abu Dawud, 19.2996)?

”You seem to like standing up for killers and murderers. Is Ivan Milat a good person too? Perhaps you think Hitler was a great Prophet too? After all he did put a book together called Mein Kampf. Don’t waste our time here Aaron. The only bigot here is someone with an uninformed view.”


Mr Adams, who identifies himself as an Australian of Assyrian Christian descent, told The Sun-Herald on Friday that he was not ”thinking politically” when he made the remarks.”Rather than listen to what people say about the Koran I decided I would read it myself,” he said.

”It was nothing political, it was out of pure emotion. I didn’t think it would be used against me and people would accuse me of being racist.

”What I did was a mistake, I did not think it would be used for political purposes. In my mind I was living in a free society where we value free speech. Why should religion be a taboo subject?”


But the Premier, Barry O’Farrell, did not agree. Late on Friday a government spokesman said in a statement: ”The comments were totally inappropriate and the staff member has already been terminated.”

Gutless dhimmi.

Just write a message to the coward quislings:


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  1. “Friends” like these are not worth having.” That is very true. This liberal has seen the light and made some truthful comments about Mohammedism. As a result, he is punished by the moonbats for it. I hope he joins a political group or forms one that understands the Islamic threat.

  2. Mohammad’s Traits
    Mohammed was an assassin, barbarian, bigamist, bandit, butcher, conman, corrupter, deceiver, extortionist, gangster, gigolo, impostor, lecher, liar, megalomaniac, misogynist, murderer, oppressor, parasite, pedophile, plagiarizer, predator, psychopath, racketeer, rapist, sadist, slaver, terrorist, torturer, thug and general all-round scumbag.
    You have in Mohammad a beautiful pattern of conduct for any one to follow.-Anon

  3. I guess if Churchill had been around now he would be villified for this quote of his which only tells the truth.
    Churchill understood Islam’s dismal dogmas in 1898 already.
    How the 1400 year-long bloodsoaked History of this deathcult, this intolerant, misogynistic, imperialistic, terroristic, theocratic tyranny (posing an an “Abrahamic religion”) had been forgotten~ from the sack of Rome to the loss of Spain to the fall of Constantinople to the Battle of Lepanto to the Gates of Vienna to the destruction of the Parthenon~ is the mystery of the 20th century.”
    Time to dispell the West’s collective amnesia about the grisly nature of supremacist Islam.

  4. It might be a good idea to download this press release from the Council of Imams NSW on the Y Factor Radio Show Facebook page which says that Barry O’Farrell’s party “would not support any legislation that was anti-Islam”. Apparently his party will not support any statements against islam or its false prophet, even if accurate.

    Senior Imams give election advice to Muslims

    Press release

    The Council of Imams NSW over the last few month has made every effort to explore all the issues, parties and candidates involved in the coming NSW election next Saturday, the 26 of March.

    We have organised meetings between Muslim religious and community leaders and the Liberal party, Australian Labor Party and independents.

    The Council of Imams NSW along with Muslim leaders from a variety of backgrounds met The Hon. Kristina Keneally, along with the current member for Granville, The Hon. David Borger, of the ALP, who is standing again in this election. The Imams were pleased with The Hon. David’s continuing commitment to serve the needs of the
    Granville electorate.

    Council of Imams NSW along with Muslim leaders from a variety of backgrounds had deep and lengthy discussions with the Liberal Party leader The Hon. Barry O’Farrell. The Hon. O’Farrell has made it clear that his party would not support any legislation that was anti-Islam. He also firmly maintained his strong support of multiculturalism and social justice for all.

    The Council of Imams were pleased with the Liberal Party leaders’ commitments on these matters which are of great importance to the Muslim community.

    In particular The Council of Imams NSW would like to encourage voters in the coming election to consider:

    1. Yes– Vote yes for Upper house Family First candidates
    2. No– Vote no for the Greens candidates
    3. No – Vote no for Fred Niles Christian Democratic Party

    The council of Imams encourage all candidates to act in the interests of the Australian community, in particular upholding the strong Australian values of, multiculturalism, justice, fairness, freedom and democracy.

    Sheik Tarek El-Bikai]

    Y Factor apparently is a radio show for young muslims, & the press release while apparently genuine doesn’t seem to be online anywhere else.

  5. Given what Muslims have been doing to Assyrian Christians for the past 1200 years and more (the most spectacular thoroughly-Islamic atrocities being the murder of 2/3 of the Assyrian Christian population, at the time of the jihad genocide of the Armenian Christians, and then in the 1930s an orgy of mass murder after the British left Iraq), the sacking of Mr Adams is tantamount to sacking a son or grandson of Shoah survivors because his criticism of the character and deeds of Herr Hitler and his critique of the contents of Mein Kampf might hurt the feelings of Neo-Nazis.

    And you may be sure that I will be pointing out this disturbing parallel to Mr O’Farrell.

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